Why VSBLTY is Positioned to Succeed in the Growing Global Citizen Services AI Market


The global citizen services artificial intelligence (AI) market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, from $1.5 billion in 2019 up to $9.7 billion by 2024, which represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 46.3%. The predicted growth is due to increased automation and agility, the need for IT modernization in government departments, increased cost savings, and automation of manual processes to enhance citizen experience.

It’s no surprise that the largest contributor to this growth is facial recognition technology, considering the transformational capabilities it has in security and surveillance. One company that has developed innovative facial recognition software for both the retail and security sector is VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE:VSBY) (OTC:VSBGF).

Facial recognition is being used to track attendance at events, control access to restricted areas, monitor and survey systems, identify persons of interest, build robust security systems, and analyze gender, age, identification and verification at cafes, stadiums, airports, hotels, and restaurants. Facial recognition technology is also being used in retail, to detect emotions and understand customer behavior in order to market products more effectively to consumers.

VSBLTY is the only global enterprise solution that integrates Interactive Touch, Facial AnalyticsTM, and Advanced Object Recognition and is a world leader in Proactive Digital Display™, a system that is transforming retail and public spaces with SaaS-based audience measurement and security software that uses AI and machine learning.

VSBLTY is in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules, which allows the company to expand into multiple markets and venues without legally infringing upon the rights of individuals. This means that patrons are safer, without their data being compromised.

Offering More Than Just Security

VBLTY SaaS software and optics also provide a new standard in analytics and measurement in the retail sector, by combining computer vision with interactive digital signage. The company is transforming simple digital signage into invaluable analytics tools, offering retail clients the opportunity to bring their brand messaging to life.

VSBLTY uses proprietary facial analytics that reveals a viewer’s demographic profile including their age range, gender. The software can also track interactivity, length of engagement, the number of impressions and even the percentage of people look at the sign.

By commanding guests’ attention with dynamic digital displays, custom content can be provided based on what the display camera “sees”, while gaining valuable insights in real-time.

Through a number of engaging digital assets such as animations, photos, video, and multimedia content, VSBLTY software creates a complete customer experience via digital displays, which can be utilized in transit hubs, entertainment and sports venues, grocery stores, drug stores and really, any retail environments.

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What’s more, this VisionCaptor software is optimized to run on multiple form factors, meaning it is able to support virtually any file type or message format with an unlimited number of images and videos.

VSBLTY’s software has been deployed in retail locations for prominent brands like Colgate, Kraft/Heinz, Walmart, and Heineken. The company has also made a number of strategic partnerships with LG, Cisco, Intel, Peerless and has been featured at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

VSBLTY also recently partnered with the world’s leading manufacturer of transparent photovoltaic (PV) glass, Onyx-Glass. Through this partnership, Onyx-Glass will deploy VSBLTY’s software on vending machines and in coolers across South Africa and Australia in a staged deployment for leading international beverage companies.

It will be exciting to see how VSBLTY’s enticing and non-invasive real-time interaction technology will increase customer satisfaction, as well as sales revenue.

Identifying Persons of Interest and Weapons Instantaneously

When it comes to security, VSBLTY offers advanced technology solutions that use deep machine learning, edge computing, AI, and computer vision to deliver enhanced security and keep the general population safe in public areas.

VSBLTY Vector combines video screens with facial recognition software and criminal databases in order to identify persons of interest and alert field specialists, meaning they can help secure their venues in real time.

VSBLTY received a vote of confidence this month when it joined major international cybersecurity integrator, Cyber Ops Alliance (COA). The COA is a consortium of best-in-class cybersecurity specialists, which each company in the Alliance bringing unique capabilities to a team with a clear, coordinated focus.

“With more and more so-called soft targets being attacked around the world, heightened security is needed virtually everywhere, and innovative technologies are needed to do that,” explained VSBLTY co-founder and CEO Jay Hutton. “In most instances, our face-on cameras provide better facial recognition than overhead CCTV cameras to enable faster, professional security responses to threats.”

Because VSBLTY’s technology is built into screens, the cameras offer a clearer, closer image of event attendees then overhead camera systems.

What’s more, the technology uses a “confidence rating” based on metrics to remove false positives, which will alleviate one of the top concerns surrounding facial recognition software.

“We teach computers how to interpret their surroundings, and deliver the context of those surrounding – what’s anomalous behavior, what is happening in that scene, what shouldn’t be happening in that scene – all the information contextualized for alerting purposes,” explained Hutton.

“We are augmenting individuals with software that is actually better at interpreting its surroundings than individuals are. A single guard in a control room cannot possibly manage or interpret the inputs from 200 campus cameras on a university. It’s impossible. At least without any accuracy or likelihood of success.”

At the same time, VSBLTY Vector’s threat analysis is monitoring the dark web to search for posts and chatter to help identify preemptive threats.

Although the technology is capable of reading the data from 200 cameras, 2,000 cameras, and even 20,000 cameras, Hutton said that the operator remains in control of making the decision on action or inaction based on system triggers.

When it comes to weapons detection, VSBLTY software utilizes advanced, purpose-built, machine learning algorithms to recognize weapons in the field of view. Everything from backpacks to assault weapons can be identified by VSBLTY software.

Another bonus of using VSBLTY security software is that, because digital screens can run advertising for brands that want to reach these fanbases, the marketing revenue from the ads offsets the cost of the security deployment.

It’s clear that VSBLTY software is an advanced solution that will offer major benefits to retailers who implement it.

Featured Image: VSBLTY