VSBLTY Partners with Pure Integrative Pharmacy for New Pilot Program


Some exciting news today from Philadelphia-based VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE:VSBY) (OTCBB:VSBGF), a leading retail software technology company.

VSBLTY announced that it is taking part in a pilot program with Pure Integrative Pharmacy, a Vancouver-based firm with 16 pharmacies throughout the province of British Columbia. The aim of the program is to educate consumers about specific, cutting-edge vitamins and supplements that can help them safely and sustainably enjoy increased vitality.

As consumers engage with products around the pharmacies, VSBLTY can gather important data about shopper preference and behavior. It will accomplish this through DataCaptor, its proprietary software platform.

DataCaptor leverages camera and sensor technology to provide real-time, qualitative measurements and analysis based on consumer traffic, engagement level, dwell time, location, and brand interaction at the point of purchase.

VSBLTY Founder and CEO, Jay Hutton, said about the partnership:

“We’re delighted to partner with Pure Integrative Pharmacy in this unique educational program that will also provide the firm with data analytics that help them better understand shopper engagement with innovative, in-store digital tools.”

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The pilot program will last for two months. Bob Mehr, President and CEO of Pure Integrative Pharmacy, says the partnership will “enable our customers to make more informed decisions about which of our healthcare products and services will serve their individual needs.”

How VSBLTY is Transforming Retail Spaces

As data continues to redefine retail operations and shopper experiences, VSBLTY Groupe is in a prime position to deliver its leading Proactive Digital Display solutions. Through machine learning and computer vision, these solutions provide superior customer engagement and audience measurement data analytics. 

DataCaptor typically works in tandem with VisionCaptor, a content management system. VisionCaptor brings proximity-aware, interactive brand messaging to life on digital screens and platforms.

Together, DataCaptor and VisionCaptor track and measure every point of the customer journey to deliver actionable insights on age, gender, and identity in real-time. 

In addition to its partnership with Pure Integrative Pharmacy, VSBLYT has also signed an exclusive global reseller agreement with Sensormatic Solutions. Sensomatic is the global retail solutions portfolio of Johnson Controls, a company that enables smart and connected shopper engagement.

Through VSBLTY’s ground-breaking software technology, Sensormatic will be able to provide retailers with enriched shopper demographic information. The company’s solutions will also boost in-store sales through context-sensitive, targeted advertising and promotional video content.

VSBLTY’s Strong Performance and Position

The company’s latest news caps several weeks of growth for VSBY stock.

From the beginning of the month, VSBLTY shares have gained 41% value, rising from $0.22 to $0.31. 

This show of confidence from investors follows the closing of a brokered private placement led by Echelon Wealth Partners. Spread across three separate tranches, VSBLTY raised more than $4 million USD through the brokered offering. 

Also, in October, the company received approval from the Depository Trust Company, making its shares DTC eligible.

In addition to its retail solutions, the company also offers leading security solutions through VSBLTY Vector. Vector is currently working to make communities safer in South Africa and Mexico

Keep watching this space for more exciting updates from VSBLTY. 

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