VSBLTY and Energetika Begin $10 Million USD Smart City Security Contract Deployment in Mexico City


Leading retail software tech company VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE:VSBY) (OTC:VSBGF) made an exciting announcement Wednesday that will help make Mexico City neighborhoods safer. 

VSBLTY and its contract partner Energetika, an international provider of “intelligent lighting” solutions, have begun deployment of their smart city security contract which pairs Energetika’s smart lighting solutions with VSBY’s security technology, including facial recognition and crowd analytics, in a bid to make Mexico City’s communities safe.

The two companies inked a three-year agreement to work together to develop a public safety network of cameras that deliver quality facial recognition at a cost-effective price point.

VSBY’s proprietary software platform, DataCaptor™ will provide objective, real-time, qualitative measurements and analysis and instant information by capturing consumer traffic using advanced optics and sensors, while its Vector™ software offers security by detecting people and objects of interest through weapons detection and facial recognition technology.

VSBLTY and Energetika Begin Phase One Deployment

According to Energetika CEO Rodrigo Calderon, VSBLTY and Energetika have begun phase one deployment of security kits that will cover up to 40,000 endpoints in 56 Mexico City communities, starting with Miguel Hidalgo, Cuajimalpa, Benito Juarez and Cuauhtemoc.

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“Each neighborhood security kit consists of high-definition cameras equipped with VSBLTY facial recognition and analytics, wireless alarms, motion sensors and panic buttons integrated with high LED facade light fixtures,” Calderon explains. “This low-cost system runs off local citizens’ internet service and is accessible on their mobile devices in real-time. With this unique security kit deployment model perfected, we have introduced this program to other Central and South American municipalities whose needs are equally compelling and where this cost-efficient solution can be installed in three million security cameras or more.”

Naturally, VSBY CEO Jay Hutton is excited to see the deployment underway, as it is “setting the standard for collaborative security where citizens, law enforcement and technology will work together to affect how a higher level of security is achieved.”

He added that the company looks forward to collaborating on future deployments to provide the next generation of public safety applications, including tracking people of interest, weapon detection, and vehicle and crowd analytics by using the power of computer vision and machine learning.

Energetika Contract Provides Significant Growth Potential for VSBLTY

While the three-year contract between VSBLTY and Energetika is a great way to expose the market company’s advanced technology, it will also make these solutions more affordable, allowing VSBY to scale.

Hutton said that many high-end security solutions are unreachable for municipal governments, residents, and neighborhoods. Now, thanks to the combination of facilities and infrastructure with lighting, the company has made it considerably more attractive and affordable. Now, VSBLTY has the ability to scale this utility in a very aggressive way and take advantage of a unique growth opportunity.

The fact is, cities throughout the world have been unable to adopt smart city technology due to its high price tag. 

“If you look at smart city and surveillance, it has been historically dominated by the largest cities in the world that leverage very high-end camera infrastructure and technology,” explained Hutton. 

The largest cities in Latin America could not afford the kind of technology that would be deployed in the largest cities in the world. Luckily, VSBY has driven the price down to the point where it is accessible to these cities, offering unlimited possibilities.

The market reacted favorably to the news, with VSBY stock increasing 21.87% to $0.20 CAD by 4 pm EST on the Canadian Securities Exchange. At the same time, the company’s OTC stock increased by 25% to $0.15 USD.

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