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With criminal activity on the rise, heightened security has become a necessity. It’s quite simple. If we can detect suspects and/or weapons within a large crowd of people, then we can stop an incident before it takes place. Leading software technology company VSBLTY (CSE:VSBY) (OTCBB:VSBGF), is offering businesses this next-generation security.

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s technology can—in milliseconds—identify individuals from a pre-loaded database.

Now, taking its technology to the next level, the company has joined with a consortium of cyber-security specialists. The news has excited VSBY investors with shares up 4% and selling for $0.52 CAD on the CSE.


As stated, the company’s technology is able to detect any number of “Persons Of Interest” in a large crowd. And further, VSBLTY has the means to detect weapons and backpacks—also helping to achieve total security.

This unique technology works by “teaching” computers to interpret their surroundings and study the data.

It has proven effective for other measures too. Customer experience in a retail environment can be tailor fitted, for example. And via interactive glass displays, VSBLTY offers clients an opportunity to bring their brand messaging to life. By collecting user data, clients can understand their targeted demographic. Discovering gender, age, and count, helps company’s to know the impact of their branding and advertisements.

But VSBLTY’s principle focus is security and now, the company has joined the Cyber Ops Alliance (COA)—a major international cybersecurity integrator.

The news was announced on May 9th by COA CEO, Dan Downing, and Jay Hutton, VSBLTY Co-founder & CEO.

Who is COA?

Described as “a consortium of best-in-class cybersecurity specialists”, COA was brought to life by “former intelligence community executives, decorated military general officers, senior law enforcement directors and the world’s best subject matter experts on Darknet operations”.

The group works with a coordinated focus, with each member of the Alliance bringing its own unique capabilities to the team’s efforts.

The COA Alliance has already shown its effectiveness in various areas of major security. It has worked with Federal law enforcement agencies and a global private security firm, amongst many others. By providing resources, expertise, and information, the group maximizes the ability to detect, prevent, investigate and respond to criminal and terrorist activities.

On the release Downing spoke of his excitement to work with VSBLTY:

“We are excited that VSBLTY’s leading-edge technology can now be combined with the advanced security capabilities of other COA companies. Wherever deployed, VSBLTY can provide perimeter security by looking for ‘persons of interest’ or by identifying objects—including weapons—in real time.”

And as VSBLTY’s Hutton puts it:

“In most instances, our face on cameras provide better facial recognition than overhead CCTV cameras to enable faster, professional security responses to threats. As part of the COA, we are advancing the increasingly important ability to provide security where it has never been available before.”

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The Take-Away

Joining up with COA, gives VSBLTY a seal of approval and one that investors should note; it’s added assurance that this technology works. 

With the ability to scan crowded areas and find the most sought-after criminals, the potential here is quite exciting. It comes down to real-life; in recent years especially, the world has suffered from “soft-target” attacks whereby the most innocuous every-day scenarios suddenly turn deadly. Often these actions are carried out by a single individual that goes under the radar until it is too late. 

With VSBLTY pioneering a new generation of detection, we have a very viable way of tackling the most unsuspected criminal activity.

Will shares grow further in the coming days? It’s very possible.

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