VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Partnering with Onyx-Glass

VSBLTY Groupe Technologies

VSBLTY Groupe Technologies (CSE:VSBY) (OTCBB:VSBGF) is a tech company that aims to transform the retail space by offering a technology that allows clients to simultaneously enhance the customer experience while increasing security.

VSBLTY technology teaches computers to interpret their surroundings and can offer a new level of security by contextualizing information collected and offering up to hundreds of persons of interest within a crowd and even identify objects they may be in possession of. Backpacks to assault weapons can be identified by VSBLTY software. 

In addition to security measures, VSBLTY offers clients an opportunity to bring their brand messaging to life on interactive glass displays. These displays can collect information on users; gender, age, and count, allowing clients to understand the impact of their branding and advertisements. 

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On May 7th, 2019 VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. announced it is partnering with Onyx-Glass to extend its software services to major International beverage companies. There will be a staged deployment of VSBLTY software across vending machines in South Africa and Australia.

A joint announcement was made by VSBY CEO, Jay Hutton and Onyx-Glass’ Andrew Coudounaris: “VSBLTY technology will provide an in-depth look at vending machine traffic including insights on the demographic makeup of shoppers. Information gleaned from the VSBLTY technology will include age, gender, and sentiment as well as audience measurement including content touches, traffic counts and dwell time by location and day-parts.”

A recognized and leading software technology company, VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. will use technologies VisionCaptor™ and DataCaptor™ to understand and provide companies with incredibly in-depth information on customer make-up. The technologies use motion graphics and interactive brand messaging. 

Onyx-Glass has patents on digital signage that provides 100% transparency on demand. Data is extracted from collected video analytics and includes facial and object recognition/ detection. Onyx will be replacing services currently provided by Intel’s AIM program this June.

The implementation of VSBLTY and Onyx software across two continents is an exciting development for both companies and looks set to be one of many upcoming announcements. Watch this space.

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