VSBLTY & Energetika Team Up to Bring Smart City Solutions to Latin America


Smart City initiatives are cropping up all over the world in a bid to create resilient energy and infrastructure projects, data-driven public safety, and intelligent transportation. In fact, global spending on smart cities initiatives is expected to reach $189.5 billion in 2023. VSBLTY Groupe (CSE:VSBY) (OTCPK:VSBGF) (Frankfurt: 5VS) is one company that is helping with this push.

VSBLTY announced Tuesday that it will be working with Energetika to install safety lighting and integrated security to Mexico City and other Latin American cities designated as a “Smart City.”

Energetika is a leading provider of intelligent lighting solutions for economically efficient applications that incorporate security. Now, Energetika has chosen VSBLTY to provide security technology that includes facial recognition and crowd analytics for residential, commercial, and governmental applications.

“With the installation of our intelligent lighting, along with VSBLTY’s advanced security technology, Mexico City and other Latin American cities will be able to gather 10 times more data for security purposes while reducing costs, maximizing energy efficiency and generating accurate statistics of facility occupation,” said Energetika co-founder and CEO Rodrigo Calderon.

“Mexico City is taking a leadership role in ‘Smart City’ development that other urban areas might well emulate,” Calderon added.

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VSBLTY technology enhances customer engagement and audience measurement using computer vision and machine learning. The company’s industry-leading VisionCaptor™ and DataCaptor™ combine motion graphics and interactive brand messaging with first of its kind FacialAnalytics™.

VSBLTY’s DataCaptor™ measures all elements of foot traffic using advanced optics and sensors to provide objective, real-time, qualitative measurements and analysis in retail locations, public venues, and other public spaces.

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Helping Create Smart Cities in Latin America

A smart city is a city that uses data and technology to deliver sustainable solutions and enhance the operational efficiency of urban services like transportation, energy, and utilities to reduce consumption, waste, and overall cost.

Considering that Latin America is on the path to becoming one of the most densely populated urbanized regions in the world, it makes sense why Energetika and VSBLTY are focusing their efforts there.

Mexico City is the largest city in Latin America, with a population of approximately 21 million, and is one of the cities in the region leading the smart city initiative. However, when compared to other regions around the world, it is clear that there is still a lot of work to be done to bring Latin America up to par and VSBLTY is more than happy to help with this.

“We are excited to partner with Energetika to provide complete Smart City solutions throughout Latin America. Our state-of-the-art technology includes facial recognition and non-occluded weapon detection using the power of machine learning and computer vision,” said VSBLTY co-founder and CEO Jay Hutton.

In addition, Hutton explained that the company’s proprietary Vector™ product can be used alone or in combination with lighting solutions and any type of digital signage and other forms in order to provide security by looking for “persons of interest” or individuals carrying weapons with the intent to cause harm.

It will be exciting to see how Energetika and VSBLTY will work together to bring smart city capabilities to Mexico City and throughout Latin America.

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