Stocks to Watch: American Aires Inc. (CSE:WIFI) Receives “STRONG BUY” Rating

American Aires stock is trading up $0.03, or 4.69%, after reaching a high of $0.68 before closing at $0.67 CAD on the Canadian Securities Exchange. The stock price hit a low of $0.62 CAD and a high of $0.68 CAD. The company’s trading volume is 564,800, with an average volume of 223,528. American Aires Inc has a market cap of $70.2 million, with 109,720,000 shares in issue.

American Aires

American Aires Inc. (CSE:WIFI) is a Canadian technology company focused on the research, development, and implementation of innovative devices that help eliminate the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which emits from everyday electronic devices including cell phones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, baby monitors, smart TVs, and laptops.

For over 12 years, American Aires and its research partners have been analyzing the effects of EMR on the environment and the human body through physical, physic-chemical and biomedical testing. The company has used its findings to develop globally-recognized, scientifically-backed technology that restructures and transforms electromagnetic field haze into a more biologically-compatible form to reduce the harmful effects of EMR.

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The company’s stock has continued to rise in value since its IPO on November 6, 2019, increasing 120% from $0.30 CAD up to $0.67 CAD.

American Aires Inc. (CSE:WIFI) currently has a “STRONG BUY” recommendation from TradingView’s technical analysis, which takes into account multiple indicators to give an overall assessment of the stock’s price and direction.

What’s more, according to Morningstar, American Aires Inc. (CSE:WIFI) has a fair value of $0.90 CAD, meaning the company’s stock is undervalued and trading at a 34% discount.

It’s no surprise that American Aires is being offered such positive feedback from industry experts after the company announced that it has completed the design and development of its new line of 5G products.  The four key products will be available to the public in Q2 2020 through the company’s global e-commerce platform.

The company is already selling a lineup of devices that can protect consumers and their families from the potentially harmful EMR that is being emitted from their current smartphone and other data transmitting devices.

Featured Image: American Aires

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