American Aires Reveals New 5G Product Lineup for 2020 Release

American Aires

Innovative tech company American Aires Inc. (CSE:WIFI) made an exciting announcement Tuesday that will position the company for the coming 5G revolution.

The company, which is focused on the research, development, and implementation of innovative technology solutions that protect consumers from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), announced that it has completed the design and development of four key products that were designed for the emergence of 5G technology.

The products will be available to the public in Q2 2020 from the company’s global e-commerce platform.

“With the emergence of 5G technology, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the possible negative and harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation,” said American Aires CEO Dimitry Serov. “Aires’s, rapidly growing global brand, is pleased to be offering consumers protection with its new product line up for 2020 that specifically targets protection for its customers from the negative effects of 5G technology. These products will be available for purchase on our global e-commerce platform in Q2 of 2020.”

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Protecting Consumer Health Through Innovative Tech

While the release of its new 5G lineup is very exciting news, American Aires is already selling a lineup of devices that can protect consumers and their families from the potentially harmful EMR that is being emitted from their current smartphone and other data transmitting devices including laptops, tablets, smart TVs, Wi-Fi routers and even baby monitors.

Without getting too technical, the company’s technology works by transforming potentially harmful EMR rays into a more biologically-compatible form. It also improves a host of physiological measures of a person’s health by neutralizing their own electromagnetic radiation.

American Aires devices are backed by endless independent research and peer reviews that have been conducted by universities and scientific institutions. They have also received numerous awards, gold medals and certificates.

The company’s research and development efforts over the years have yielded significant advances in the field of EMR protection. It has also secured 11 patents and has an additional 14 patents pending, as well as 18 trademarks pending to protect its product line from being replicated.

5G Heightens the Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

Since Verizon (NYSE:VZ) rolled out its first mobile 5G network in April 2019, everyone has been talking about the launch of 5G technology across the globe and for good reason.

5G, short for fifth-generation, is expected to completely transform the way data is shared by creating faster-then-ever download and upload speeds and lowered latency. 5G technology will not only interconnect people, but it will also interconnect and control machines, devices, and objects and make technologies like driverless cars, cloud-connected traffic control, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices live up to their potential.

On the flip side, however, this faster technology may also pose an increased risk for consumer health. In March 2019, over 250 scientists signed a petition calling for stronger guidelines on wireless devices to alert the public of the health effects of EMR exposure.

The increased awareness surrounding EMR will likely create a lot of buzz around companies creating solutions that protect consumers from EMR exposure. Considering that American Aires is the only publicly-traded company in North America offering this type of protection, it could be a lucrative year for the company indeed.

American Aires stock has already more than doubled since its IPO in November 2019, increasing from $0.28 CAD to $0.64 in less than two months. 

Featured Image: American Aires

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