Sysdig Competes Funding Round D: Secures $68.5 Million

Sysdig Series D funding

Silicone Valley is home to some of the biggest tech houses in the world. Sysdig is a company joining those ranks. The company announced today that it has raised $68.5 million in venture capital in its Sysdig Series D funding round.

But who is Sysdig? Why all the interest?


Sysdig is at the forefront of a technological innovation that is changing how applications are built for the web. In essence, the company develops open-source tools.

According to its website: “Sysdig creates the most powerful open source tools to operate containers.”

But what does “containers” mean in this context?

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Well, recent movements in cloud-based services have seen developers writing applications in blocks or units. This cuts down reams of continuous code. Features and services are now broken-up into units or containers, and these can carry out functions on their own.

Sysdig, launched in 2013, offers a platform to monitor the performance and security of these containers.

Coding is easier to monitor within separate containers. Further, performance and security are more stable, as features can be moved across different clouds.

Importantly, Sysdig works with cloud-native services Kubernetes and Docker.

Funding Round

The latest successful funding round showcases how invaluable this technology is becoming. Open-source systems are synonymous with cryptocurrency networks, but calls have been made for major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as Government bodies to adopt these technologies.

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The Sysdig Series D funding round was led by Insight Venture Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, and Accel. Thus far, Sysdig has raised a total of $121.5 million, capital, it says, that it will put to good use to expand its products and services. No doubt Sysdig’s goal is to be at the fore of the growing adoption of cloud-native computing development.

Suresh Vasudevan, CEO at Sysdig, said the following in a statement: 

“Enterprises are adopting cloud-native technology for its speed of development, multi-cloud scaling capabilities, and lower total cost of ownership, but, they are hitting roadblocks with old school security and monitoring products. To be successful, these organizations need new solutions that are cloud-native.”

The company has seen triple the amount of downloads of one of its main services in the last year alone. Such is the explosive interest in this new technology.

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