Startups Making Waves: Why You Should Be Looking at HeadSpin


Keep an eye on HeadSpin. This private California-based company is doing big things.

According to its recent investors, “HeadSpin is one of the fastest scaling software companies ever.” And after a Series B investment round, the company is now valued at $500 million. 

HeadSpin Investment Round

HeadSpin closed its Series B investment round $20 million better off. The company found backers in the form of ICONIQ Capital, Battery Ventures, and Danhua Capital, among others.

HeadSpin Application Performance Tool

HeadSpin’s mobile application performance software is already utilized by Tinder, DocuSign, and, at the current time of writing, around 200 other apps.

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The software allows these companies to test, monitor, and analyze the performance of their apps in real time and on real devices. The apps can be tested before, during, or after release and in any location in the world. 

 The AI-enabled platform gives developers the ability to experience their app just as any regular user would. This ability highlights any high priority issues so companies can quickly resolve any problems at scale.

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Apps are Still a New Tech

According to Will Griffith, one of the prime investors of ICONIQ:

“What HeadSpin has been able to achieve in its first three years is remarkable, and it has already attracted dozens of major clients across the mobile ecosystem […] The company is quickly becoming the new standard of record for all mobile ecosystem players going forward. It’s one of the fastest-scaling software companies we’ve seen.”

The technology is providing for a relatively new era of tech—applications. Barely ten years old, apps are a relatively new technology, and there is much left to be learned and understood. HeadSpin allows developers to do this by experiencing the app in real-time from the perspective of the user. 

About HeadSpin

HeadSpin was founded in 2015, and in three short years is already expecting to double its revenue in 2018.  

The company comes from a good lineage with Manish Lachwani at the helm. Lachwani is the former principal architect of the Amazon Kindle. He is also the chief technology officer of mobile gaming company Zynga and co-founder and chief technology officer of Appurify.

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