INS Stock: A Small-Cap FinTech Offering Investors Opportunity

INS Stock

If you are looking for investment opportunities in the FinTech sector, then Intelligent Systems (NYSE:INS) could be for you. INS stock has broken out in 2019 with shares already up over 150% since January 1st. Opportunity doesn’t get much better than that.

The company’s payment processing technology, CoreCard, has put it on the map and as business explodes so does share price.

Let’s check out Intelligent Systems.

INS Stock

2019 is one thing, but if we consider the entire year ago period, INS stock has grown more than 500% to hit highs of $48.56 only in May. This time last year, shares were valued at $9.13 USD. Now, at $30.17, this represents an upswing of 230%.

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Such share growth was encouraged by Intelligent Systems’ quarterly earnings that showed over $6 million in sales in the quarter alone. This is a whopping 138% over the prior year. Add to that a full-year revenue that is up almost 120%, and investors have themselves a winner.

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INS Stock and CoreCard Software

The Georgia, US-based payment company has its CoreCard software to thank for its success. The CoreCard software and processing suite is suitable for companies that provide credit and debit services. The company has seen extensive growth from business in fast-growing markets such as Romania and India in particular. With the year showing incredible performance already, INS stock is primed to grow even further because, earlier in May, the company won a massive contract with Goldman Sachs to use its CoreCard Software in Sachs’s Apple Card.

Positive Return on Equity

According to Simply WallStreet:

“INS delivered a triple-digit bottom-line expansion over the past couple of years, with its most recent earnings level surpassing its average level over the last five years. This strong performance generated a robust double-digit return on equity of 24%, which is an notable [sic] feat for the company.”

With the average return on equity (ROE) for the FinTech industry standing at 11%, INS stock is currently way ahead of the competition. ROE often shows a company’s ability to generate profits and return them to shareholders. If Intelligent Systems can do this and with no debt on the books (as it presently displays), then a high-quality business is on our hands.

With a market cap of $261.9 million at present, Intelligent Systems represents one of the FinTech industry’s most promising plays.

But what are your thoughts on INS stock?

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