Cheap Stocks to Watch Under $10: GPRO and APPS Stock on the Radar

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There are plenty of stocks to watch out there. Those trading between $5 and $10 are often considered “cheap stocks.”

Trading in this range is often appealing because investors can purchase a substantial position in a company. Further, trading above $5 is considered less risky than penny stock investing, and companies in this range are often more well known.

With that said, these stocks are, still, inherently more speculative than higher-priced stocks. Finding the right investment depends on multiple factors and not simply price alone.

But if you are looking to bolster your portfolio with some cheaper-priced plays, here are some potential cheap stocks trading in the $5–$10 range.

Cheap Stocks: GPRO

Everyone has heard of GoPro cameras. The “action cameras” have become a staple product for the social media generation, and now the technology company has made changes that could see it turn a profit this year.

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The company made an operational shift three years ago that, hopefully, it will reap the rewards of now. It narrowed its inventory down to only three cameras, titled Good, Better, and Best. The shift has worked; the company can now easily manage inventory and pricing, and the average sale price has increased by 8% to $288.

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Now, management is expecting double-digit revenue growth this year with its guidance range being between 7% and 10% for 2019.

Shares of GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) are currently trading for $5.54 USD on the NASDAQ. On the day, shares are up 3.07%, but since mid-May GPRO stock has lost over 25%.

Cheap Stocks: APPS

Digital Turbine (NASDAQ:APPS) is a definite one for the radar. With shares currently selling for $5.26 USD and a market cap of only $430.2 million, APPS shares have already grown a massive 178% this year.

Austin, Texas-based Digital Turbine is a software company that focuses on mobile App advertising. According to the company’s website:

“Our Mobile Delivery platform makes it easier than ever for people to frictionlessly discover new apps, for operators and OEMs to build new revenue streams, and for advertisers to reach users at scale.”

The business has been booming, and in 2019, the Zacks consensus is that this stock is a “Buy.”

Do you have any cheaps stocks to watch that we should know of?

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