HEPA Stock Flies 165% in a Week: Here are the Key Drivers

HEPA stock

Over the course of the past week or so, HEPA stock has been in the middle of a tearing rally and it is due to a major announcement made by Hepion Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:HEPA) on November 21.

The company announced that an animal study of its lead product CRV431 had managed to produce highly positive results. The news was well-received by the market, and the stock started climbing as investors piled onto Hepion stock.

Big Development

The medicine in question is meant to stop the development of cirrhosis of the liver in patients who suffer aggressive forms of liver disease. When the liver tries to repair and develop new cells, it can lead to the development of unnaturally large scar tissues. The phenomenon is known as fibrosis. Eventually, it can lead to cirrhosis, and this is what the medicine CRV431 seeks to tackle. The animal study of the product was managed by Physiogenex.

Since the announcement, HEPA stock has climbed by as much as 165% and has shown excellent momentum throughout. It goes without saying that this nano cap biotech stock is definitely one to watch at this point.

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During the course of the first nine weeks, the rats were given hepatotoxic compound thioacetamide in order to cause fibrosis in their liver. It was administered in combination with either CRV431 or vehicle control. At the end of the study period, it was discovered that half of the rats in the vehicle control group developed cirrhosis of the liver. However, none of the rats who had been administered CRV431 developed the condition.

Moreover, the scarring that emanates from fibrosis was also reduced by as much as 49%. Hepion Pharmaceuticals suggested that this is an indication that the medicine had been successful in not only stopping liver cirrhosis but also in curing damaged tissues. The optimism about HEPA stock is entirely understandable, and investors should definitely keep an eye out for future developments.

At the time of writing, HEPA stock is up 42% at $6.55.

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