HEPA Stock Flies 50% After Impressive Data for CRV431

HEPA stock

Positive trial data can have a highly positive effect on the stock of a pharmaceutical company, and that is what happened with HEPA stock today.

Immediate Bullish News

In an important development today, Hepion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:HEPA) revealed findings from a test of its product CRV431. The tests revealed that the anti-fibrotic medicine stopped the further development of cirrhosis of the liver in patients suffering from a pre-clinical type of liver ailment. The news is certainly significant for Hepion Pharmaceuticals, and the market thought so as well.

In the study conducted by the company, rats were used in order to find out the effects of the medicine. At first, the rats were given thioacetamide, which induced fibrosis and liver injury. Once that was done, the rats were treated with CRV431 throughout the duration of the study. In a statement regarding the study and its findings, Hepion said, “Every fibrosis study that we have conducted thus far, whether in animals or in human liver slices, has demonstrated CRV431’s strong anti-fibrotic activity.”

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HEPA stock soared by as much as 50% at $3.67 in Thursday’s trading session as investors piled on to it.

The company has also stated that the milestones reached in this particular study are important steps in the overall development process of the medicine. The movement in the stock is a testament to the fact that the market is optimistic about the future of this product, and it remains to be seen how the company goes about developing this product.

It goes without saying that investors interested in HEPA stock should watch this stock closely in the coming days and week. The company also stated that the results are in line with the sort of findings that have been made in other experimental models, and that definitely bodes well for Hepion Pharmaceuticals.

Despite today’s big jump, HEPA stock is still down about 82% so far this year.

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