Evaxion Biotech Broadens EVX-03 DNA Vaccine Project Into Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Evaxion Biotech Broadens EVX-03 DNA Vaccine Project

Evaxion Biotech A/S (NASDAQ: EVAX) a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the creation of AI-driven immunotherapies, announced today that it has chosen EVX-03 as the product candidate within its DNA technology platform to target a new indication with a planned regulatory filing in H2 2022. Our DNA technology platform currently has the product candidates EVX-02 and EVX-03. We have chosen to use EVX-03 in an upcoming clinical trial for a novel indication in light of the highly favorable outcomes from our pre-clinical tests of this candidate.

Enhanced DNA technology in EVX-03

APC-targeting unit (Antigen-Presenting Cell) in EVX-03 is optimized and has demonstrated encouraging preclinical data, considerable tumor reduction at very low dosages, and a clear dose-response connection in all our preclinical models.

New Indication

Evaxion has made the decision to continue EVX-03’s development in patients with advanced disease and has plans to use it to treat non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Lars Staal Wegner CEO Evaxion Biotech said, “We are very pleased to announce that the data from EVX-03 is very encouraging on all parameters from anti-tumor effect to immunogenicity. That is why we are moving forward with EVX-03, as we firmly believe it will be able to make a difference in multiple indications.”


  • GlobalData estimates that the global oncology market for NSCLC will grow to about $33 billion by 2029      from its present $23 billion value.
  • Evaxion offers two distinct product candidates for its DNA technology platform:

o   EVX-02 is being tested in Patients with resectable melanoma in a phase 1/2a clinical trial. According to the schedule, the ongoing clinical trial should be completed with a complete clinical readout in Q2 2023.

o   The EVX-03 is now available to be used in the clinic. Due to extremely positive results from the preclinical study, Evaxion has selected EVX-03 as the product candidate for a Phase 1/2a clinical trial in NSCLC.

Dr. Wegner continues: “In the EVX-03 program, we plan to target non-small cell lung cancer as a new indication for this technology because of the vast unmet medical needs, a huge market potential, and the increased potential to demonstrate rapid proof-of-concept in the clinic. We believe that expanding the PIONEER platform into this new cancer indication will significantly broaden the opportunities for our technology.”

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