Four Technology Trends That Will Make Their Mark on the World in 2020


The technology sector sees new trends emerge almost every day. Sometimes these trends fizzle out in months; other times, they make a sizable impact on the world, becoming a staple in our daily lives. In 2018 and 2019, we have seen various technologies make their mark, from blockchain to artificial intelligence. But what about next year? What technology trends will we see trending in 2020?

Here’s what sources are saying.

Technology Trends to Watch for in 2020

1. Artificial Intelligence

I know I said artificial intelligence made its mark this year and last, but we would be silly to think that in 2020, AI will not continue to impact the world.

With the increase in, and popularity of, computing power recently, the capabilities of artificial intelligence will only continue to grow. Presently, artificial intelligence has led computers to read, listen, and speak, but by 2020, if the sector continues to progress in the way that it is right now, artificial intelligence is thought to undertake more human tasks by next year.

2. Edge Based Computing

Edge computing may be the least known of the upcoming technology trends, but it’s worth paying attention to, especially for those working with IoT. If you’ve never heard of edge computing, it’s essentially a computing element where things like information processing, content collection, and delivery are located close to the information source.

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There are several benefits to edge computing; people forecast there will be significant attention to edge computing by 2020. Primarily, companies will be looking at edge computing for enabling intelligence networks, as connected devices will be able to perform what needs to be done right at the location.

If your company is looking to be part of future technological trends, edge computing is up there. One consideration might be to start using edge-based design patterns.

3. 5G

Everyone wants faster internet connection—I know I do. And by the time 2020 rolls out, we might very well have it. Big-name companies, as well as small-cap companies, are working to make sure 5G maintains a place in the sector, due to its benefits like high-speed connection, higher capacities, and lower latency.

In a world that uses the internet for the majority of things, the benefits of 5G are likely to make it a significant trend next year, and for years after that.

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4. Facial Recognition

This is an odd one, but hey, it’s the direction the world wants to take. We saw the trend of facial recognition first introduced by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), but with the success of it (minus a few glitches here and there), it seems likely that more companies in 2020 will look to start using facial recognition for different uses and applications. I mean, China has even introduced facial recognition technology for ATM machines.


As I said, some of these trends have already made their mark on the world, but that doesn’t mean they won’t continue to do so. Artificial intelligence is only going to continue to improve, and it could very well hit its peak in 2020. Trends like 5G and facial recognition are relatively new, but with the benefits and the popularity surrounding them, it’ll be interesting to see what developments 2020 brings.

Did we miss any of your favorite technology trends? Let us know in the comments below.à

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