Blockchain Penny Stocks Up with Crypto Market Correction

Penny Stocks

Blockchain penny stocks are a great option for those investors who don’t necessarily want to own any cryptocurrency but want to dabble in the blockchain technology space.

Penny stocks have a greater risk-reward than other larger stocks, and that’s what makes them so appealing to some investors. If one of these smaller companies takes off, it could mean big rewards for its early investors.

Block One Capital Inc. (TSXV:BLOK)

This morning, Block One Capital announced that its portfolio company Finzat Block LLC has just appointed a new senior advisor.

Alex J. Pollock is now the senior advisor for Finzat Block. Mr. Pollock is the former CEO and President of Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. He will provide the blockchain penny stock company with guidance regarding product innovation, business strategy, and executive leadership.

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“Blockchain is emerging as a potential paradigm-shifting technology in mortgage finance. I look forward to working with Finzat Block on using blockchain to restructure the technological underpinnings of mortgage market transactions,” said Pollock in the official press release.

The latest news regarding Block One Capital has boosted the penny stock on the market. According to Yahoo Finance, BLOK is currently trading at $0.335 a share, up $0.035 (+11.67%).

BTL Group Ltd (TSXV:BTL)

Calgary-based BTL Group is seeing positive share gains on the stock market today. It was just announced that the company’s director, Hugh Halford-Thompson, sold 6,250 shares of the blockchain penny stock back on Friday, August 17th.

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It seems the director is liquidating his shares of the company in increments, to not drive down the price of the shares too dramatically. Halford-Thompson has nearly liquidated around 100,000 shares, so far.

BTL Group provides an enterprise technology platform to businesses. The company shares dropped significantly since the beginning of the year.

According to Yahoo Finance, BTL is currently trading at $2.91 a share, up $0.16 (+5.82%).

Where will these blockchain penny stock companies go from here?

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