Green Energy Penny Stocks in 2021

The energy sector advanced over 40% in 2021. Out of the S&P 500’s top performers, this was the best of 11 sectors. Energy gains are double that of real estate and the financial sector, with growth in those areas at just above 20% each. Recent news saw the passing of an infrastructure bill in the US. Energy and commodities will no doubt see some sort of impact because of this for good or ill. 

So what’s going on with energy? 

Environmental and social governance has taken a toll on the investor’s mindset toward energy. Moves by tech giants like Elon Musk to stop selling Tesla cars for Bitcoin was one indication of the billionaire’s attitude toward climate change. 

One interesting aspect of the energy world involves Hydrogen. The Canadian government issued a press release espousing the benefits of hydrogen and how research is being conducted at a global scale to look at hydrogen as a renewable to counter climate change. The Hydrogen Strategy for Canada is a part of the country’s goal to go ‘net-zero’ by 2050, and turn the country into a major exporter of hydrogen. 

This leads us into two small-cap companies that are important in the field of exploring hydrogen as a renewable resource. 

Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. (TSXV:JEV)

Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. (TSXV:JEV) is an investment company focused on hydrogen and clean energy initiatives. Their portfolio includes Hydrogen Technology Inc., which produces a zero-emission hydrogen boiler. Global emissions from burning coal, natural gas, fuels such as diesel and other oils for thermal needs account for about 20% of all global greenhouse gas emissions annually. 

A recent news release from Jericho applauded US policymakers for the clean hydrogen energy push. 

SunHydrogen (OTC:HYSR)

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SunHydrogen (OTC:HYSR) develops a breakthrough tech that produces renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water. One particular news release introduces their manufactured demonstration units. These are called multi-junction amorphous silicon solar cells. According to the press release, these test units demonstrate commercial viability for the company’s hydrogen-producing product. In 2019, the company demonstrated 1000 hours of continuous hydrogen production using the same tech. 

Unlike other methods of hydrogen production, SunHydrogen’s use of sunlight is possibly revolutionary. 


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