My Size Stocks Continue to Grow as Company Meets with Retailers to Showcase MySizeID

My Size

My Size Inc. (NASDAQ:MYSZ) will be attending NRF 2018, or National Retail Federation, one of the retail industry’s biggest get-togethers. My Size Inc. will be talking to retailers about MySizeID, the company’s smartphone-based body measurement technology.

The My Size team, including the CEO Ronen Luzon, will be at NRF 2018 to meet with retailers who are interested in evaluating and potentially using the MySizeID body measurement technology for their online apparel business.

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“Coming off a hugely successful unveiling of MySizeID at CES last week, we are continuing the momentum this week with more meetings and presentations at NRF 2018. NRF has a reputation for being the most prominent retail trade show to unveil new transformative technologies in the retail industry. We believe that My Size’s platform technology, and particularly MySizeID, can help solve the costly challenge of size and fit, and therefore can significantly improve the economics of the e-retail apparel industry,” Luzon said.

Investors seem to be in agreement with the company’s CEO. My Size’s stock has risen to $2.6622, which is $0.5222, or 24.40%, from the previous closing price of $2.14. So far, the day’s trading has ranged from a low of $2.20 and a high of $2.96. The stock increase today furthers the rise My Size began to experience at the tail end of last week, after a strong showing at the Annual Consumer Electronics Trade Show (CES).

MySizeID is meant to determine the correct size for online clothing purchases after scanning oneself with the smartphone app. My Size believes that this will help to significantly reduce the margin of error when shopping online for clothing, which will, in turn, help to increase the number of purchases made on online apparel sites. I, for one, would be much more likely to buy an article of clothing online if I had a better guarantee of the size actually fitting me, which is a concern I’m sure I share with many other people when perusing online clothing sites.

I hope that the meetings at NRF 2018 go well for My Size because I’d really like to see some of the companies I shop with adapting the MySizeID technology for their sites. I’ve heard enough about this technology – now, it’s time to try it on for size.

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