Skyesports Announces Skyesports Premier League PUBG Mobile Tournament


Indian esports organizer Skyesports announced the launch of the Skyesports Premier League (SPL) in partnership with Good Gamer Corp., an online engagement marketing firm and creator of the GoodGamer app.

Skyesports is a leading esports venture in south India and has been involved in hosting an esports championship tournament in collaboration with PGAX and organizing DOTA2, FIFA20 and PUBG Mobile tournaments for Indian Institute of Technology.

Skyesports Premier League will be kicking off its first season with the Skyesports Premier League PUBG Mobile tournament, which includes a large prize pool and over 300 players from 16 cities across India.

The tournament, which is free to play, will consist of 44 matches played over 12 days with the top 14 teams proceeding to the finals. The pre-launch event for the tournament will be held in the first week of April in Chennai and the tournament will begin in May.

The teams participating in the PUBG Mobile tournament are the Ahmedabad Admirals, Bangalore Royals, Chennai Clutchers, Cochin Mutants, Delhi Throttler, Goa Dragons, Guwahati Grenadiers, Hyderabad Hunters, Jamshedpur Ninjas, Jaipur Strikers, Kolkata Enigmas, Mumbai Manchester, Pondicherry Snipers, Pune Combats, Punjab Pinnacles, and Vizag Tridents.

The tournament has already gained a ton of attention after four well-known Indian actors, Ashok Selvan, Priya Anand, Harish Kalyan, Aishwarya Dutta, and Sakshi Agarwal, unveiled the logo last month.

SPL Tournament Partners and Sponsors

As mentioned, Good Gamer Corp is partnering with Skyesports to launch the SPL PUBG Mobile tournament and will be the co-presenter as well as the official streaming partner of the event. 

According to Good Gamer CEO Charles Creighton, it is a perfect opportunity to enter India’s ever-growing gaming market.

“India’s gaming market is on track to reach 628 million users this year and is displaying huge market potential. SkyEsports is at the forefront of the Esports movement in South India and GoodGamer couldn’t be more excited to partner with the company for the SkyEsports’ Premier League tournament in May,” said Creighton. “SkyEsports’ dedication to growing the gaming community in South India is directly in line with GoodGamer’s vision and we believe the partnership provides us with a unique path to developing a relationship with the Indian gaming community.”

The Skyesports Premier League tournament has already garnered support from a few sponsors including Nippon Paint India, Monster Energy, and FiberNet.

There’s no denying that India is emerging as one of the most lucrative markets for eSports. As we are at the forefront of an improved gaming infrastructure in our country, more gamers are beginning to look at eSports as a professional career choice as opposed to just entertainment,” explained Nippon Paint’s Director of Marketing Mark Titus.

“Nippon Paint as a brand is thrilled to be part of this digital revolution by associating with Skyesports’ Premier League. By facilitating this event, we wish to encourage the growing gamer community in India and contribute to the Indian gaming industry which has great potential to make a mark globally,” he added.

The format of the tournament is considered by some to be a game-changer in comparison to other esports tournaments in that it will not be auctioning players and teams.

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Featured Image: Skyesports

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