Penny Stocks that are Solving Our Water Issues!

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Water treatment may not be the first sector you think of when searching for penny stocks with potential. However, it is one of those vital sectors that often goes under the radar and underappreciated. It is also becoming increasingly necessary in the US.

Companies that are looking to solve major problems in our world are always going to be intriguing, so with that in mind, here are two water treatment penny stocks that are likely to expand in 2019.

Water Treatment Penny Stocks: OriginClear

Water pollution is a big problem. According to Accesswire:

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“Water quality reports indicate that 45% of U.S. streams, 47% of lakes, and 32% of bays are polluted. Americans use over 2.2 billion pounds of pesticides every year, which eventually washes into our rivers and lakes.”

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. So at a selling price of $0.0015 per share, the OriginClear Inc. (OTC:OCLN) penny stock could be worth your time. The company is a leading provider of water treatment solutions and provides services to treat water across a range of industries. OriginClear’s client list is growing fast as it picks up the pace in the pharmaceutical, industrial, and oil and gas sectors.

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At its current price, OriginClear is a sub-penny stock offering a vital service. As water continues to get more polluted, companies such as this are going to be in demand; it’s that simple. 

Water Treatment Penny Stocks: Evoqua Water Technologies Corp

Evoqua is a much larger company than OriginClear. With a market cap of $989 million, and stock selling for $8.68, Evoqua has been around the block for some time now. At its current price, this company is in a slump, and the company’s recent Q4 won’t help its cause. 

Evoqua Water Technologies (NYSE:AQUA) missed its earnings estimates; however, revenue rose to $366 million from $357 million in 2018. It’s not a massive increase, but this US company could likely see a surge again. 

The fact is that the growing scarcity of water will lead water utilities to prosperity. Demand is around the corner, and this makes these penny stocks an intriguing investment play.

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