Penny Stocks in Healthcare: DarioHealth Could Soar

Penny Stocks

Innovative penny stocks present a risk. On the one hand, you have a new way or development in doing something, and this may very well become the everyday. On the other hand, innovation might be so innovative that people applaud it but never find cause to implement it.

Striking a balance is always key. This is what leads us to DarioHealth Corp (NASDAQ:DRIO) and the DRIO penny stock. 

DRIO Penny Stock

DarioHealth shares have been on a low ebb since December 2018. They have yet to turn it around and, at present, are trading hands for $0.69 USD, down 1.13% on the day.

Okay, the price is low, but that’s what we want, right? Penny stocks. The lower the buy-in, the bigger the profit if the company can brew up a storm. And a hurricane might be upon us if you hold onto to this particular penny stock. 

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Penny Stocks Potential

Formerly known as LabStyle Innovations Corp, DRIO provides laboratory testing capabilities to consumers in the home—more specifically on your smartphone. Within six seconds, a user can test their levels, log results, and share the data with a doctor.

Now that is innovation I can get on board with.

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An example is its Dario system, which allows a user to test and monitor blood glucose levels on their mobile phone. This is one great (and very useable) advancement in healthcare and technology. Of course, the most lucrative application for its Dario system is for diabetes sufferers. And with a reported 100 million diabetes sufferers in the US, according to CDC, the revenue potential here is massive. 

For investors, the healthcare industry always represents a reliable store of value, no matter what cycle the economy is in. It’s simple really; people need medication, and they need health. You can survive without a designer handbag, but you can’t without your medication. This also gives this penny stock an edge; there is less risk of losing your money when compared to a tech penny stock, for example. (We don’t need Nintendos.)

The Future for the DRIO Penny Stock

DRIO is just getting started. As a $19.7 million USD company, the company’s potential belies that. The company only began trading on the NASDAQ in the first quarter of 2018; it has only just recently begun online sales in America.

DarioHealth is in a solid position for a young healthcare company that is building its consumer base. The DRIO penny stock could very well soar should the team capitalize on the market it is aiming for.

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