Healthcare Stocks to Watch: Seres Therapeutics and Internap Corp

Healthcare Stocks

Healthcare costs make up nearly one-fifth of the US economy, and as the boomer generation continues to age, the healthcare system has the potential to grow. As the sector expands, there is a large potential for healthcare stocks to grow as well.

Today, there are two stocks that are rising on the Nasdaq exchange and leading the Russell 2000 for most percentage gains. Seres Therapeutics (NASDAQ:MCRB) just released news of a big partnership in the healthcare space and Internap Corporation (NASDAQ:INAP) just entered into the health space arena.

Due to both of these announcements this morning, these two stocks have made our list of healthcare stocks to watch on the market today.

Seres Therapeutics Signs Deal with AstraZeneca

Seres Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The technology company engages in developing biological drugs that are designed to treat diseases. This morning, Seres announced the closing of a three-year research collaboration with AstraZeneca (NYSE:AZN), one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the US.

This new collaboration will focus specifically on “advancing mechanistic understanding of the microbiome in augmenting the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy.” More specifically, Seres’s research will focus on this potential synergy with AstraZeneca medications.

Seres stock shot up this morning after news of the collaboration spread. At the time of writing, MCRB is trading at $6.31 a share, up +$1.20 (+23.48%). If you’ve been looking for a healthcare stock to add to your portfolio, Seres Therapeutics—with its low price point and large potential with the latest cancer-focused collaboration with AstraZeneca—is one to consider.

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Internap Corp Enters the Healthcare Space

Internap Corp doesn’t fall specifically under the healthcare stock space, but it did just recently sign a deal with a private healthcare company. This morning, Internap announced a multi-year deal with InSync Healthcare Solutions (private) for managed cloud services. Both companies focus specifically on data and cloud solutions, with InSync working on healthcare cloud-based solutions.

This new multi-year deal gets Internap’s foot into the door of the healthcare sector, which is why it makes our list of healthcare stocks to watch. While it is still a technology stock, the company will help InSync with its solutions and advance the cloud space within healthcare.

According to Yahoo Finance, INAP is trading at $5.40 a share, up +$0.71 (+15.14%) on NASDAQ. For the past six months, the stock has been sliding, but this step into the healthcare sector could be a positive one for the tech company.

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