Penny Stocks in 2019: 3 Innovative Industries to Keep Your Eye On!

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Now that the new year is upon us some investors out there might be thinking about new resolutions. Perhaps penny stocks might be on your list?

If so, now is the time to start eyeing up those industries that might be set to explode in 2019. Identifying key industries that are positioned for growth will offer less risk and more reward for your penny stock investing. 

With that in mind, let’s check out some uniquely positioned industries that look set to boom in 2019.

Penny Stocks in 2019


55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. That number is set to expand to 60% by 2030. So if you thought your morning commute was already hellish, it’s only going to get worse. Unless, of course, people begin looking for alternative urban transportation.

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Well, they are. 

A revolution in city transportation has created a massive opportunity for startups making electric-powered bikes, scooters, and skateboards. The trend has already begun but is only in its early days. Micromobility looks set to gain huge popularity in the next few years as alternatives to traditional transportation and mass commutes become not only more fun but necessary.

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Baby Tech

This is not iPhones for babies. No. This is a wearable tech that monitors your baby’s needs. The idea is simple yet brilliant. Mom and Pop can wear trackers on their wrist and check on computers in their pockets to tell them how little Jimmy is doing. Startups here are also looking into fertility tracking, breastfeeding, and baby sleeping patterns. Penny stocks in this sector spell huge potential in 2019 so keep your eyes peeled.

Healthy Jerky

Yes, believe it or not, jerky looks set to be revolutionized in 2019 as it becomes a staple in the wave of clean eating. Could you find a pot of gold by investing in healthy jerky penny stocks?

It’s very possible.

Fitness and healthy eating go hand in hand. So, as protein enriched diets like Keto and Paleo grow more popular, so does the need for healthier jerky. Startups are reinventing the usually unhealthy snack to make it protein rich and creatively much better-for-you. This is definitely an area that you may not have thought to explore, but one that offers huge possibilities in 2019 so don’t write it off!

So there you have three innovative industries with penny stocks that could skyrocket in 2019. We’ll bring you some more tomorrow!

Featured image: SIphotography