OptionsGeek is the Invaluable Options Trading Education


On Monday, March 11, 2019, Felix Frey spoke at the TradersEXPO, New York. The TradersEXPO has been running for 20 years hosting talks from some of the most influential people in finance and trading. Attendees of Felix’s presentation, “The Options Secret Used by the Top 1% to Gain Edge,” walked away with some of the best advice on how to better improve their portfolios, how to make smarter investing decisions, and with a clear approach to gain a trading advantage.

Missed out on the chance to see Mr. Frey speak? You can watch the presentation here for free.

Felix worked at Bank of America and was the lead options trader at Scoggins Capital, a $4 billion hedge fund. He learned from the best, trading against the likes of legendary traders, Steven Cohen, George Soros, and Ken Griffin to name a few. These traders are the top 1% of options traders in the world. With over 20 years on Wall Street, Felix gained invaluable experience unavailable to the average investor. 

According to Felix, what separates the Top 1% and the average investor comes down to education, access to ideas, and simple tools. As a regular investor you have a good grasp on the trading landscape but what the amateur investor lacks is the inside knowledge on how things could be different. Felix has made it his mission to bridge that gap and help the average investor gain access to the same “winning trades” of the Top 1%.


Felix’s course helps investors get the inside knowledge on how the Top 1% of options traders make those “winning” trades.”  As the founder of OptionsGeek, Mr. Frey holds the secret to a full education on trading options. And he wants to share it with people. But what is Mr. Frey offering?

OptionsGeek came about in 2018 as Felix realized that the average investor was at an insurmountable disadvantage when trading options. While the industry spent over a billion dollars trying to get all active investors to use options, Felix identified a key flaw in their attempt causing massive confusion and misdirecting the average investor away from the secrets used by the Top 1%.

That gap was an easily accessible education for regular people. He understood the secret ingredient that was missing from an investor’s profitable recipe; thorough understanding of when and how to trade options. People understand the importance for sure, but the timing and the reasoning are not taught.

OptionsGeek is an online education resource that you can subscribe to. A membership gives you exclusive access to professionally produced educational videos, options ideas that are well-researched, and a dynamic options tool that can help you avoid guaranteed losses.

So what can OptionsGeek give you that you can’t find online? Created by Felix, OptionsGeek has a wealth of experience along with a 20+ year career on Wall Street that has given him an insider understanding on how the top 1% use options trading to create a huge return.

What do you have Access to with OptionsGeek?

OptionsGeek offers you an easy to navigate platform where learning is not only fun but you can see the effects immediately. OptionsGeek is easy to use and engaging. Using the online resource, investors will have access to an invaluable education and you will see your investing returns grow. Among the many things you can learn from Felix and OptionsGeek, these are the stand out points:

• You will understand where the risk reward breakeven price can be found so that you can choose options with the odds in your favor.

• You will learn the four strategies that the most successful investors use 99% of the time. Learning these strategies leads to making smarter investments.

• You will master the seven proprietary options trading concepts that are key to putting you ahead of the majority of investors and helping you achieve success faster.

• You will be able to sell options to create a monthly income just like Warren Buffet and many others do.

OptionsGeeks is offering you access to an options trading future at a much lower price than what it is valued at. You gain access to an incredible education and the opportunity to trade options like the Top 1% do at a fraction of the valued price. What can you expect from a subscription?

1. Options Education

Professionally produced videos that reveal trading secrets in a simple and engaging style. You get the education you’ve always needed to earn a lot of money.

2. Options Tool

Learn while you’re using the OptionsGeek Options Tool. This offers investors the answers they deserve to know and is smart, dynamic, and easy-to-use.

3. Options Ideas

Felix offers you an insight to his Wall Street Network and provides trading ideas that can help to balance your risk-reward portfolio ratio in record time.

OptionsGeek helps you

• Master the same edge the Top 1% has. 

• To stop making uneducated guesses and choose options with the odds in your favor. 

• Become part of a groundbreaking options class. 

• Re-balance the risk-reward in your portfolio.

• Learn to sell options to create an income just like Warren Buffet

You can subscribe to OptionsGeek on an annual or monthly membership. As an annual member you are in with the chance to win a one-on-one tutoring lesson with Felix that is guaranteed to serve you for the rest of your investing career.