Mining Stocks Shine: Cobalt 27 Capital and Aurania Resources

mining stocks

Major and small-cap stocks are shining green today across US and Canadian markets. On the TSXV and CSE, cannabis stocks are trending the highest, as usual, but a number of mining stocks have broken through. Today, we’ll take a closer look at these mining stocks and their latest company movements.

Cobalt 27 Capital Corp (TSXV:KBLT)

Cobalt 27 Capital operates as a mineral resource company out of Toronto, Ontario. The cobalt mining company has royalty interest in seven exploration-stage properties in Canada and Vietnam.

Three days ago, Cobalt 27 announced its acquisition of Highlands Pacific. Since this announcement, the mining stock has risen over 21%. This acquisition gives the company direct-interest in the Ramu nickel-cobalt mine. The deal increases Cobalt 27’s exposure to the mine’s nickel and cobalt production by 100%.

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Anthony Milewski, CEO of Cobalt 27, told investors in the announcement that the Ramu mine brings cash flow to the business. This is something the CEO said was important to the company and its investors from the “very beginning.”

According to Yahoo Finance, KBLT is currently trading at $4.35 a share, up +$0.46 (+11.83%). It is highly likely that the latest company update a few days ago is continuing to push its shares higher as investors gain more confidence in the company.

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Aurania Resources Ltd. (TSXV:ARU)

Aurania Resources Ltd. also runs its operations out of Toronto, Ontario. The company is a junior exploration mining company that explores in Ecuador and Switzerland. Aurania focuses its mining efforts on gold, silver, uranium, and copper.

Aurania is among the top trending mining stocks today on the TSXV. However, the last investor update released by the company was nearly a month ago. It remains unknown at this time what caused the spike in the company’s shares.

According to Yahoo Finance, ARU is currently trading at $3.10 a share, up +$0.16 (+5.44%).

Featured Image: Depositphotos © Zerbor