Top Mining Stocks on the TSXV: Barsele Minerals and New Pacific Metals

Mining Stocks

Barsele Minerals Corp (TSXV:BME) and New Pacific Metals Corp. (TSXV:NUAG) are today’s top trading mining stocks on the TSXV. If you’ve been looking for a few mining stocks to add to your portfolio, you may want to add these two to your watch list.

Both have had major announcements this week, which are likely the cause for the spike in share prices. Let’s dig deeper!

Barsele Minerals Stock up Nearly 50%

Baresele Minerals has shot up on the TSX Venture Exchange today. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based mining company reported the verified mineral estimate from its Barsele Gold project in Sweden. Investors seem extremely impressed as the mining stock has seen percentage gains of nearly 50% today.

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Barsele’s Swedish gold project is located in Vasterbottens Lan, in Northern Sweden. Barsele only owns around 45% of this property, and Agnico Eagle owns the remaining 55%. The 2018 exploration at this site resulted in a significant upgrade in gold ounces. Investors seem pleased with these results despite not fully owning the project, as the mining stock is still up 30% for the day.

According to Yahoo Finance, BME is currently trading at $0.60 a share, up +$0.135 (+29.03%).

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New Pacific Metals Unaudited Earnings

Shares of New Pacific Metals aren’t seeing quite the growth BME’s are today, but NUAG has gained some decent traction. New Pacific is also based in Vancouver, BC. The mining company released an unaudited earnings report today that is likely the cause of the rise in its shares. For the week, the mining stock is seeing share gains of 13%.

New Pacific has seen a few losses compared to the previous year in equity but has seen some gains in foreign exchange. It seems investors aren’t rocked by the losses as the mining stock is still trading upward. At the time of writing, NUAG is trading at $2.22 a share, up +$0.07 (+3.25%).

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