Two Small-Cap Stocks to Add to Your 2018 Investment Portfolio

small-cap stocks

Are you looking for more companies to add to your investment portfolio? If so, have you ever considered investing in small-cap stocks? Of course, we should mention that small-cap stocks tend to be on the riskier side of things. However, sometimes it’s the riskier things in life that end up being the most profitable. This is the case with small-cap stocks. These stocks might have a risk, but they also hold greater potential for investors to make profits. 

When it comes to small-cap stocks, putting in a couple hours of research before choosing a stock to invest in will benefit you greatly. For the sake of this article, here are 2 small-cap stocks worth adding to your 2018 investment portfolio.

1. Axcelis Technologies 

Headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, Axcelis Technologies (NASDAQ:ACLS) is a semiconductor company with solid positioning. As a result, many believe Axcelis Technologies has a chance for continued upside. Currently, Axcelis has a market cap of 738.71 million. 

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The past two months have been relatively successful for the company. In January, the company announced its participation at the 20th Annual Needham Growth Conference. Then, just last week, the company posted its Q4 financial results. In the fourth quarter, Axcelis saw its revenue come in at $116.4 million. As a point of reference, the company saw revenue of $104.5 million in Q3 of 2017. 

On Friday, the company ended the trading day up nearly 3%. 

2. BioTelemetry Inc. (NASDAQ:BEAT)

Based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, BioTelemetry manufactures a number of cardiac monitoring devices. Under the leadership of CEO Joseph Capper, BioTelemetry focuses primarily on the following sectors: technology, healthcare, and research. 

In November of last year, it was disclosed that the company entered into an agreement to provide Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) with cardiac monitoring for its heart study. Then, in December, BioTelemetry announced that its Telcare unit will start working and collaborating with Onduo. Last month, the public received word that the FDA cleared one of Biotelemetry’s products. As a result of this, many believe shareholders of the company have the potential to see massive returns in 2018. 

On Friday, the company ended the trading day up nearly 2%. 

The Takeaway

Keep in mind this article is not promoting either of these stocks. The stock market is extremely volatile, so we don’t have a guarantee as to which direction these companies are heading in going into March. However, what we do know is that both companies have proven themselves to be capable in the first couple months of the new year. Therefore, it might be worth keeping a close tab on both going forward. 

Featured Image: depositphotos/Olivier26