Limelight Networks Announces R&D Collaboration with Genvid Technologies

Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks Inc. (NASDAQ:LLNW) saw a boost in its stock price following yesterday’s announcement that it will be teaming up with Genvid Technologies in a new joint R&D collaboration.

The deal between Limelight and Genvid will combine the Limelight’s Realtime Streaming solution with Genvid’s interactive capabilities. This partnership will allow game developers to build their own realtime interactive streaming platforms.

R&D Allowing Disruptive New Platforms

The combination of interactive streaming engine and realtime streaming services allow for disruptive new platforms. The goal of this new R&D is to enable any developer or broadcaster around the world the capability to operate their own interactive broadcast platform, with Limelight providing a scaled, stable, and secure streaming solution at ultra-low (sub-second) latency and Genvid providing game engine integration and web APIs.

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Up to this point, interactive streaming services of this kind have only been available as direct-to-consumer (D2C) platforms by large tech companies. Limelight and Genvid’s end-to-end solution with realtime interactive capabilities is aimed at developers looking to build apps, D2C platforms, and ingame capabilities.

According to the press release, early testing of Limelight’s and Genvid’s combined technology are coming back with positive results.

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Limelight Networks announced last week that it will be reporting its 2019 first quarter financial results on Wednesday, April 17th at 4 pm EDT. The company’s stock price had quite the price journey in 2018, reaching a high of $5.46 USD in May and a low of $2.22 on Christmas Eve last year. Despite dropping from its highest point, Limelight stock still gained 63% in the last three years.

At end of day Monday, Limelight’s stock price was trading at $2.97 on the Nasdaq exchange, up $0.07 (+2.41%). LLNW stock is now up even more, trading at $3.06 at press time.

About Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks Inc. is a leading provider of digital content delivery, video, cloud security, and edge computing services. Limelight’s edge services platform combines intelligent software, support services, and global private infrastructure.

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