Bridgeline Digital Partners with Full-Service Bank; Stock Increases 100%

Bridgeline Digital Partners

Bridgeline Digital started Tuesday off with a bang. After the news spread that Bridgeline Digital partners with a full-service bank, the stock went soaring—and it is showing no signs of stopping. The Bridgeline stock is currently up more than 100%.

Investors around the globe are excited, and that optimism is reflected in Bridgeline Digital’s stock price. But what does the partnership entail?

Bridgeline Digital Partners with Full-Service Bank

On July 10, Bridgeline Digital announced that it has entered into a partnership with a full-service bank. According to the press release, the partnership consists of a three-year SaaS subscription to the company’s Unbound Digital Experience platform.

Where does the full-service bank come in? Well, it is thought that through Bridgeline Digital, the bank will be able to improve its online presence.

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Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline, released a statement explaining this further; he said that the Unbound platform allows financial organizations to take their online presence game to the next level.

Everyone is Going to Benefit

So, we understand why the bank will benefit from the partnership with Bridgeline, but will the latter? Aside from today’s stock increase?

The answer is yes. After all, a 3-year agreement with a full-service bank will allow Bridgeline Digital to generate a substantial amount of revenue, which is exactly what investors want.

Perhaps investors realized this Tuesday, and that’s why the stock is soaring.

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The Bridgeline Digital Stock (NASDAQ:BLIN)

It just keeps on climbing. As a Yahoo Finance trending ticker of the day, Bridgeline Digital is currently trading at $2.73. This means the stock is up 108.39%.

Do you think it has time to increase a bit more and close up more than 130%?

The Company

For those of you who don’t know, Bridgeline Digital develops software, particularly software for web application management. To generate revenue, the Massachusetts-based company uses various digital engagement subscriptions and services.

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