Adesto Technologies Corp: The Little-Known Stock with Strong Momentum

Adesto Technologies Corp

Adesto Technologies Corp (NASDAQ:IOTS) growth strategies and robust financial numbers are contributing to its positive share price momentum over the last twelve months.

The company has completed several acquisitions in the last couple of quarters and has been investing in product innovation and organic growth opportunities. It recently announced two acquisitions to strengthen its position in the semiconductor industry; these acquisitions include S3 Semiconductors and Echelon Corporation.

Its Echelon acquisition would not only assist in its market share expansion in the semiconductors industry, but it could also provide deep systems and solutions expertise for its industrial systems. The company believes these acquisitions will significantly expand its revenue and accelerate margin expansion opportunities.

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Adesto Technologies Corp: Stock Performance Reflect Traders’ Confidence in Growth Strategies

Adesto Technologies Corp
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The significant growth in its share price over the last couple of quarters indicates traders’ confidence in Adesto’s business strategies. Adesto Technologies shares grew 29% since the start of this year, and the stock is up close to 90% in the last twelve months. Adesto shares are currently trading around $8, down slightly from the 52-week high of $10 a share.

Its business strategies are working, considering robust growth in sales over the last four consecutive quarters. The company generated a revenue growth of 35% in the latest quarter – the fourth straight quarter of more than 30% year-over-year growth.

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Its CEO Narbeh Derhacobian says, “During the quarter, we continued to make solid progress on expanding our design win pipeline, which has served as a key catalyst in driving our current and future revenue growth.”

The company expects to extend the momentum in the following quarters of this year, thanks to its recent acquisitions and investments in growth opportunities. It anticipates its second-quarter revenue to be in the range of $19 million, substantially higher from its first-quarter revenue of $15 million. Overall, the company appears to be in a stable position to support its share price momentum through revenue growth strategies.

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