The Company Behind Candy Hearts Shuts Down Abruptly


Necco: Be mine. You’re Swell. Fancy you. Who doesn’t remember (and love) Sweethearts candy?

Unfortunately, the future of Sweethearts in up in the air after the confectionary’s creator NECCO closed it’s factory rather abruptly this week.

What Happened With NECCO

Last May, the company was bought out of bankruptcy by Round Hill Investments LLC, for $17.3 million and it was the decision of its new owner to suddenly shut the sweet maker’s plant which is based in Revere, Massachusetts.

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Disappointment was evident when the mayor of Revere Brian Arrigo spoke on the matter: “We are disappointed that Round Hill could not follow through on the enthusiasm it expressed when it acquired Necco barely two months ago,”.

According to the city, the factories 230 plant workers received no formal warning of the closure and were simply told to return on Friday to pick up final paychecks; a fact that exacerbated the mayor’s disappointment in Round Hill. Thankfully since then, private food service companies based in the area have expressed interest in taking the former NECCO workers. 

“We are gratified, certainly, that the private sector is in a position to help these workers,” said the Mayor. “But that doesn’t lessen our exasperation with the way Round Hill went about the process.”

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The Future is Uncertain

The closure was imminent once Round Hill sold NECCO to an unnamed company, and it remains unclear whether this new owner will continue to produce the loved candy Sweetheart’s of which the company was once so famed. 

Operating since 1847 under various names, the New England Confectionery Company is the oldest continuously running candy company in America.

Do you think the candy company can make a comeback or is this the end of an era? If so, we will certainly “miss you” NECCO Sweets.

Featured Image: Deposit Photos/ garnham123

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