Retail Penny Stocks: Groupon Stock is Climbing, Should You Watch It?

Penny stocks

Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN) has remained in the penny stocks bracket since 2015. Stagnating revenue has kept GRPN stock under the $5 price mark. So at $3.57 USD, is Groupon stock going to rebound? Is it a viable option for investors?

The Groupon Penny Stock

Groupon stock gets talked about. I find this intriguing. When a company is truly dead in the water, nobody spends time murmuring about it. But Groupon has managed to remain on the speculatory list for many investors for a long time. It seems we either don’t want to give up on the discount voucher model this brand is synonymous with, or we believe there could be a genuine change on the horizon for the business. 

Because at its current price, some consider this penny stock undervalued. The company has shown ailing revenue, but it continues to grow its consumer base none-the-less. That’s a good sign. It also remains a global entity, with several key markets covered and popularity to boot.

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Margins are also improving. According to investor place:

“Operating expenses are also being removed from the system, so the company’s overall profitability profile is dramatically improving (gross profit per active customer on a trailing twelve-month basis was up 3% year-over-year last quarter).”

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Advertising Campaign

The company has recently launched an aggressive advertising campaign with actress Tiffany Haddish. Subtle but clever moves like this will make it more relative to consumers of today. Such campaigns should help to produce long-term positive effects on usages and drive stocks higher. 

The company is doing all it can to rescue itself in 2019. It is putting itself up for sale, for one. Some analysts are so bullish on Groupon that they have set a $12 per share takeover price evaluation.

Nobody can really know how this penny stock will go, but the charts do show that it is heating up in 2019. Groupon has grown from $2.80 in mid-December to its current $3.57 today.

Featured Image: Depositphotos © rrraum