Penny Stocks to Watch Now: Taronis Technologies and Curis

Penny Stocks

Finding optimum penny stocks can be tricky. There are literally thousands of options out there, but when you pick the right one, the investment can be highly rewarding. 

These lower-priced shares can be subject to sudden price changes with wide thresholds—this offers risk and opportunity in equal measure. With careful research, however, investors can gain big time.

Here are two penny stocks making moves in July that investors should watch!

Penny Stocks to Watch: Taronis Technologies

Taronis Technologies (NASDAQ:TRNX) is on a winning streak. Since the beginning of the month, shares have soared 220%. Reaching a high of $0.45 USD on July 16, shares have since fallen 20%. But don’t be alarmed, the decline is most likely due to a “profit-taking frenzy,” which is often a natural reaction when penny stocks soar.

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There’s been a bevy of positive news issued by the company in recent weeks. This includes the success of its pilot project on water decontamination—a development that boosted stock by 29%. Along with that, Taronis announced record MagneGas production, record sales, and a new spin-off company.

Involved in clean technology processes, Taronis Technologies is setting the stage to become a market leader in a global movement towards sustainability and eco-friendly business practices. With a tiny market cap of $9.86 million and shares currently selling for $0.32, this is one penny stock to keep watching.

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Penny Stocks to Watch: Curis

Another small-cap company offering cheap stocks is Curis Inc. (NASDAQ:CRIS). CRIS stock grew roughly 55% in the month of July. With shares currently selling for $2.38 USD, they have dipped 15% in the last 24-hour period, but this is likely a result of profit-taking.

Interestingly, this penny stock has moved skyward, seemingly, for no reason. There has been no news from head office to push the stock higher. This could simply be proof of the volatility of penny stocks; often, they don’t need any encouragement to move!

Curis operates in the medical sector and is actively focusing on treatments for cancer. It has a market cap of $78.63 million. Keep an eye on these shares; the current dip may be providing a good buy-in opportunity.

Do you have any penny stocks on your radar?

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