Penny Stocks in July: SigmaTron International and Vivos Inc Skyrocket

Penny stocks

Some investors love penny stocks. It’s clear why; low buy-in prices and the possibility of sizeable gains is alluring. Of course, it’s very difficult to predict which way these shares are going to go. Sudden changes happen all the time with cheap stocks under $5, but some investors love that excitement.

If you are a lover of penny stocks, then here are two on the radar worth a look.

Penny Stocks to Watch: SigmaTron International

Less than a week ago, shares of SigmaTron International (NASDAQ:SGMA) were worth almost half of their current value. But on July 23, the company released its Fiscal Year 2019 results and everything changed. The results caused a sudden and very lucrative spike that took SGMA stock from $2.65 all the way to $4.95 three days later.

The electronic manufacturing services company reported increasing revenues while simultaneously reducing losses. Revenues for the fiscal year 2019 came in at $290.5 million versus $278.1 million a year ago. Further, the losses decreased considerably from $3,241,870 last year to $865,114 in this fiscal year.

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Prior to the results, shares moved predominantly side-ways year-to-date. The price jump, representative of approximately 86% growth, has put all eyes on SigmaTron. This is one penny stock worth watching in the next few days.

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Penny Stocks to Watch: Vivos Inc

Another penny stock company to watch comes from the biotechnology sector. Vivos Inc (OTCPK:RDGL) is a small biotech that focuses on treatments for cancers in humans and animals. These shares are micro penny stocks, hitting highs of just under $0.10 in mid-July.

Since the end of June, RDGL stock has increased significantly; previous lows were a little as $0.025. By comparison, these shares have grown over 300% in the space of a week. When penny stocks are this cheap, the impressive gains can be less obvious, but 300% is still 300%.

The shares spiked off the back of head office announcements, and now there is more potential expected. Earlier today Vivos announced that the University of Missouri is finishing up the final report on the company’s IsoPet therapy conducted last year. Once the report is delivered, Vivos plans to submit it to the FDA.

Watch the SGMA and RDGL penny stocks closely in the coming weeks.

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