Penny Stocks: Is One Stop Systems Undervalued at Present?

Penny Stocks

Penny stocks from One Stop Systems Inc (NASDAQ:OSS) have been volatile in the last two months. But with sudden spikes and drops, there’s potential for investors to make a quick profit on these low-priced shares.

Undervalued Penny Stocks

At $2.61 USD at present on the NASDAQ, OSS shares are climbing once again from a low ebb. Dropping to $1.94 USD on March 27th, this penny stock has been recouping those losses since. Of course, this type of behavior has been a trend with these shares for some time now.

Average trading volume is now approximately 800,000—up from 120,000. With that in mind, all eyes are on One Stop Systems, and this is partly driving such volatility.

OSS Penny Stock News

OSS shares began soaring on March 21st after the company unveiled its OSS 5 Slot Gen 4 Backplane—the first “PCIe Gen 4 backplane.”

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The new Gen 4 Backplane is a significant upgrade from the previous Gen 3 model. It speeds up performance, doubles the interconnect bandwidth and further, according to Proactive Investors:

“alleviates system bottlenecks between CPU (central processing unit) complexes, the electronic circuitry that carry out the instructions of a computer program, and accelerators, storage, and IO (input/output) devices, hardware used to communicate with computers.”

In response to the new release, the OSS penny stock soared over 11% and hit a high of $2.93 on the day.

While there has been a correction since, overall, these shares are moving in the right direction, showing a recorded uptrend of 34% since the start of 2019.

Now, according to GVTimes, “the 12-month potential price target for One Stop Systems, Inc. is set at $6.” This target represents an upside potential of 130.77% from current prices.


With a market cap of $27 million, One Stop Systems is a potential play for investors looking for a technology company in the lucrative area of design and manufacture of computing systems and components.

Is this penny stock for you? Who is on your radar?

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