Penny Stocks to Watch: MLI Marble Lending and Elixxer

Penny Stocks

Penny stocks might only set you back a few dollars to get in on, but they have the potential to return some huge gains over time. Investing in penny stocks requires just the right combination of timing, insight, and luck. Here we’ve picked out two penny stocks that are looking promising in September and might be worth adding to your watchlist.

MLI Marble Lending

MLI Marble Lending Inc. (CSE:MRBL) (OTCQB:MRBLF) is a Canadian credit rebuilding firm that allows customers to rebuild their credit score in less than half the time that the Consumer Proposal method takes. MLI’s method works by teaming up with a debt solutions firm to get customers the best settlement and then paying that settlement on behalf of the customer. The customer receives an immediate boost to their credit score and a rescued principal om repayments to MLI. Marble claims that its method allows customers to get back up the credit ladder within three years.

This penny stock is currently valued at $0.235 and made impressive gains back in July when it announced that it had acquired Score-Up Inc, a market-leading personal finance and credit management technology platform, and Credit Meds Corp., an Ontario-based credit coaching company.

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Elixxer LTD. (TSXV:ELXR) is a Canadian cannabis investment firm that focuses on acquiring assets in various sectors of the cannabis market, such as production, extraction, and distribution. The company has a particular focus on high margin cannabis products like edibles and concentrates, which should prove beneficial with legalization 2.0 arriving next month. Elixxer has also expanded internationally, with assets in Jamaica, Italy, Switzerland, and Australia.

Elixxer previously operated under the name LGC Capital and was awarded a Health Canada license to cultivate cannabis at a new facility in Brownsburg, Ontario under its subsidiary Trichomed Corporation. Given the size of the company’s portfolio, it’s hard to believe that it’s still a penny stock. ELXR stock is currently valued at $0.085 and has gained 6.25%.

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