Penny Stocks: Should You Invest in Brick and Mortar Retail?

penny stocks

J.C. Penney (NYSE:JCP) has been at the forefront of the retailpocalypse sweeping the globe. Despite taking a beating, this store is still going, and that is no easy feat in the current climate. Selling for $1.60 USD on the NYSE at present, is it a savvy move for investors to put their money behind brick and mortar penny stocks like this?

We are still in rough times for retail. But is J.C. Penney the cockroach of this space, capable of surviving the apocalypse?

Penny Stocks in Retail

The JCP penny stock has been through the wringer. Lack of sales and massively declining profits equated to JCP shares dropping 46% last year.

When a stock is faring so poorly it is easy to dismiss it as an investment opportunity. And no one would really blame you. But if you think outside the box, and are a somewhat savvy investor, there could be a shining light here.

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For its low price of $1.60 at present, it might be a worthwhile punt on a turnaround.

According to Stacy Caprio of Smartbook Corp:

“J.C. Penney’s stock just dived and is now $3. Great to buy low so you can keep the profits as it rises again.”

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Of course, that theory works if the stock rises. But this penny stock hasn’t risen above the $3 mark since last March.

Penny Stocks Take Away

Much like the death of the CD, retail brick and mortar stores are facing a similar fate—being ousted by the digital age. However, we now have some small niched CD shops making a killing off of the consumers who prefer the retro era. Physical clothes shopping will, very easily, be the same. 

The J.C. Penney penny stock is selling for a super-low price right now, but if it can hold out through the retailpocalypse, give itself a clever facelift, and potentially downsize (further), it may become a very sought after retro retailing penny stock.

I wouldn’t write it off just yet.

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