Penny Stocks Growing: IZEA and Precipio Making Gains

Penny Stocks

Some investors simply stay clear of penny stocks; the lower the price, the higher the volatility. So for stocks trading under $1, you can imagine the risk investors are taking when opting for some of the lowest shares on the market.

However, if you are a fan of investing, you might be interested in these two companies—for two very different reasons! One, a current penny stock making serious gains, and another, a penny stock no more. Let’s check them out.

Penny Stocks Under $1

As a stock currently selling for less than an apple, IZEA Worldwide (NASDAQ:IZEA) may be the next best thing for tech enthusiasts. IZEA Worldwide is an online marketplace that connects brands and publishers with influential content creators. The company has just sold over 14 million shares of its common stock and netted $10 million in the process.

On the news, shares are now up over 6% and selling for $0.63 USD.

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No Longer Penny Stocks

Because penny stocks are volatile, it’s not very often investors see a true success story. But one company operating in the biotechnology sector, Precipio Inc. (NASDAQ:PRPO), is one such company. Based in Connecticut, this company works in specialty cancer diagnostics by providing diagnostic tools and services used in oncology.

PRPO was recently saved from delisting when the company announced a spout of good news. Memphis’s Methodist Health signed on to use one of its products. Shares rose 62.81% on the news, and a few days later, another pending contract for the production of its patented IV-Cell media product for cancer testing sent shares soaring further.

To put it in perspective, on April 4th, PRPO stock traded for $1.90 USD. Now, five weeks on, shares have breached out of the penny stock threshold and now sell for $6.78 USD at present. In fact, last week, shares reached an all-time high of $9.15 USD.

Precipio’s growth just goes to show that some penny stocks see success beyond the $5 cut-off.

What penny stocks are you interested in?

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