Penny Stocks: Why Investors are Watching GoPro and O2Micro

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Just over a week in November, and with the clocks going back and the dark evenings setting in, we’ve brought you some penny stock picks to bring some light to your investment portfolio.

Penny stocks are defined as stocks with a share value of under $5 and can often be risky bets as they’re usually comprised of fallen angels or companies that are yet to, and may never reach, full potential. However, if you’re an investor with an appetite for risk, you may enjoy our pick of penny stocks to watch this month.


It was not that long ago that GoPro was considered the golden child of the stock market. Less than five years ago, GPRO stock was valued at over $80 and has only really settled into penny stock territory in recent months. While the company’s plans to build up a media empire never really came to fruition, its most recent Q3 results show there could be some hope for an upward trajectory. Its new Hero 8 Black camera just posted the best first-month sales of any product in the company’s history, after the previous model last year gave GoPro its first quarterly profit in five quarters.

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GPRO stock has gained 17% this week to $4.96 following those promising results, and it looks as though brighter days could be in sight for this penny stock.

O2Micro International Ltd (NASDAQ:OIIM)

O2Micro is a semiconductor manufacturer that designs and develops power management components for a variety of industries, which means business is never really slow. What’s exciting about this penny stock is its position in the Pan-Asian market, with operations in rapidly growing markets in China, Singapore, Korea, and Japan. With the tarde war between the US and China appearing to cool off, there is an increasing upside to this stock. O2Micro stock is currently trading at $1.53 and soared nearly 30% this week on the back of positive quarterly earnings.

So that’s our pick of penny stocks to watch today—what do you think?

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