Industrial Penny Stocks: DynaCERT Tackles Greenhouse Emissions

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Mining stocks took over the top trading stocks on the TSXV yesterday, but today it seems industrial penny stocks have taken their place. Longer-term industries in Canada are holding ground and emerging on the market once more. 

Today, we’ll take a look at an industrial penny stock trending on the TSXV and its latest announcements. Looking to get your hands on a few penny stocks? We’ll look deeper into why this stock may be a good choice. 

Industrial Penny Stocks: DynaCERT Inc. (TSXV:DYA)

DynaCERT Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The industrial company engages in the design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, distribution, and installation of hydrogen generator aftermarket products. The company operates primarily out of North America. The company’s patent-pending product focuses specifically on fuel efficiency and reduced fuel emissions. 

Why this industrial penny stock may be a good choice is the mission behind its product. Companies are seeking products that reduce emissions, as global warming is at the center of every industrial company’s vision now. Before, the effects of greenhouse emissions were pushed under the rug, but now major corporations are actively searching for ways to prevent further damage. This morning, DynaCERT announced it had received certification for its HydraGEN tech, marking a major milestone for the company’s plans in India.

In 2014, it was shown that India alone contributed to 7% of the world’s CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion. Since this time, the country’s emission pollution has risen substantially. HydraGEN focuses specifically on carbon emissions and fuel consumption from diesel-powered vehicles.

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Robert Maier, DynaCERT COO and Chief Engineer, said:

“Over the past 18 months we have worked hard with local partners and the Canadian High Commission office in New Delhi to bring our proven HydraGEN™ Technology to the Indian market. Our HG1 carbon reduction system will reduce the horrific air pollution in the major centers and the countryside as we implement units on all manner of diesel engines used in trucks, buses, generators, construction equipment, fishing vessels, and other power plants.”

According to Yahoo Finance, the industrial stock is currently one of the top trading penny stocks on the TSXV still. At press time, DYA is trading at $0.26 a share, up +$0.035 (+15.56%).

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