Successful Stem Cell Breakthrough Launches Cellect Biotechnology Ltd Stock Up Nearly 50%

Stem cell breakthrough

Cellect Biotechnology Ltd. (NASDAQ:APOP) is having a great start on the trading floor this morning after announcing the breakthrough results of its clinical stem cell trial. The Israeli based company has stated that it has successfully completed the transplant of stem cells with their proprietary ApoGraft technology in the first group of three patients in a mid-stage trial.

After a full month, all patients on the trial have demonstrated full acceptance of the cells, with no adverse events related to the study treatment. Also, the company states the three patients show no adverse reactions to the stem cells either. APOP is planning on recruiting another three patients to the trial, once the data is reviewed.

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Cellect Biotechnology believes that the interim results surrounding its ApoGraft show the first signs of breakthrough technology for stem cell transplantation. According to the press release, this product is transplantable within less than 12 hours after donation with a fairly simple process that can be done bedside, after various physiological eliminations of immune reaction-causing cells.

CEO of Cellect Biotechnology Ltd, Dr. Shai Yarkoni, made a statement about the breakthrough this morning and said, “Our ApoGraft technology shows consistently successful results in the use of stem cell transplants for treating patients suffering from life-threatening conditions. We see our position strengthened with each patient treated. We aim for stem cell based regenerative medicine to become a safe and affordable treatment for most of mankind’s diseases.”

If you’ve been on the lookout to invest in a biotechnology stock, APOP has a promising 2018 ahead of it. With stem-cells being the future of healthcare and potential cure for many diseases, this company is already one step ahead of its competitors. With just a trial announcement made this morning, the stock is currently selling at $10.55 a share, up 48% for the day and up +$3.44.

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