GEVO Stock Offers Short-Term Opportunity But What About Long-Term?

Gevo Stock

GEVO stock has been massively volatile in 2019. As is often the way with penny stocks, the market can hardly predict what comes next, though many will try.

Back in April, when shares were selling for $2.20, analysts estimated a massive 320% gain on the horizon for these shares. Today, they sell for $2.45. While this represents a climb of over 11% in four months, it is hardly the triple-figure percentage climb that was expected.

GEVO Stock

So what is next? Looking at the stock chart, it’s clear to see how unsure investors are regarding GEVO stock. Shares have dipped and gained in quick succession, and the overall result is incredibly speculative.

Of course, shares moving erratically often spell sudden, albeit short-term, gains.

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A serious consideration here, however, is the long-term potential associated with the climate in which Gevo Inc (NASDAQ:GEVO) operates. In short, the company is a renewable chemical and advanced biofuels company. Headquarter in Colorado, it develops bio-based alternatives to petroleum-based products using a “combination of biotechnology and classical chemistry.”

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Changing the World

Focusing on changing non-sustainable fuels across the world with renewable carbon alternatives, GEVO stock could be a good choice for investors who see a lucrative future in the sustainable energy sector. The goal is to “positively change the world” via its technologies.

And there’s no denying that we are in a time where the broader idea is to do just that. We are seeing businesses all-over switch up their practices to become more sustainable and eco-friendly.

It is for this reason, that despite losing 24.13% over the months of April to June, analysts remain positive over the future fundamentals of Gevo Inc. And in recent weeks, there has been a bullish resurgence, with these shares climbing 26%.

However, the overall picture has been a very changeable one for these shares and for that reason, while it may be optimistic to think the current bull run will continue, it’s too difficult to possibly be sure.

What are your thoughts on GEVO stock?

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