Stein Mart Still Trading Higher; Geron Corp. Sees Green Ahead of Q4 Report

Stein Mart

Stein Mart Inc. has found itself, for the second day in a row, seeing green on the Nasdaq Exchange, trading up nearly 20%. Meanwhile, clinical-stage biotechnology company Geron Corporation is trading up nearly 2% ahead of its Q4 earnings release, which will be posted after today’s closing bell.

What’s Going On With Stein Mart And Geron Corp?

Stein Mart Inc. (NASDAQ:SMRT)

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It makes sense that Stein Mart Inc. is trading higher today, considering the Jacksonville, Florida-based company only released its fourth-quarter results two days ago. The results were relatively positive, and Stein Mart’s outlook for 2018 was optimistic. This, to no surprise, caused the market to become optimistic as well, sending the Stein Mart stock up more than 80% at one point during the trading day. Now, it appears that optimism has continued into Friday’s trading session.

As of this writing, Stein Mart Inc. is trading at $1.53 on the Nasdaq Exchange. This puts the SMRT stock up $0.24, or 18.60%. The stock opened the trading day at $1.33 and can be seen moving up and down a few cents every second or so. Considering there are a couple hours left in the trading day, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Stein Mart stock starts trading up more than 20%.

Geron Corporation (NASDAQ:GERN)

Meanwhile, Geron Corporation is trading at $3.53 on the Nasdaq Exchange. This puts the GERN stock up $0.05, or 1.33%. Sure, that might not sound like much of an increase, especially not when you compare it to Stein Mart’s nearly 20% jump, but I would still give the Menlo Park, California-based company some credit. Considering the company increased as much as 10.5% on Wednesday and is currently seeing green today, I would say investors are feeling reasonably good about the forthcoming Q4 results. That said, it will be interesting to see the direction the stock takes in after-hours trade.

The Takeaway

After today’s closing bell, both of these companies will have reported their Q4 earnings reports. It is important to take note of both reports, as it will help indicate the direction Stein Mart and Geron Corp. are going to head in this year.

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