360 Blockchain Appoints Jeff Koyen President and CEO of 360 Blockchain USA

360 Blockchain Appoints Jeff Koyen

360 Blockchain Inc. (OTC:BKLLF) has appointed a new President and CEO to its subsidiary 360 Blockchain USA. Jeff Koyen, originally the company’s Strategic Advisor, will now be able to work at further bolstering the company’s sphere in the cryptocurrency market.

360 Blockchain, a company which focuses on developing blockchain technologies, is pleased to welcome the expertise that Koyen will bring to the company’s blockchain investments in his newly appointed position. With investment knowledge in the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets and experience successfully launching new digital properties for start-ups and media companies, Koyen is sure to be a strong leader for 360 Blockchain.

Koyen will be helping the company to advance its current Pressland and SV CryptoLab, as well as open up the company’s second SV CryptoLab.

George Tsafalas, President and CEO of 360 Blockchain, is confident in Koyen and his abilities. “Working with Jeff Koyen as Strategic Advisor to 360 Blockchain Inc. […] has given our team tremendous insights and confidence in both our current prospects and in Jeff’s unique skillset,” Tsafalas commented.

Tsafalas explained that with Koyen at the helm, “360 Blockchain USA will target blockchain investments and develop new blockchain technologies.”

He added,“Jeff will continue to serve as Strategic Advisory on the overall leadership team. This role has already reaped tremendous benefits through the identification of existing and future 360 investments, and Jeff’s expertise has been instrumental during our extremely thorough due diligence process.”

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