eSports Stocks to Watch: ePlay Digital is Taking Over the eSports World

eSports Stocks

eSports is taking the world by storm! As video games and technology emerge, the world of eSports continues to expand at a rapid pace. eSports gamers are even now being deemed as professional ‘athletes,’ and just recently, an eSports gamer made the cover of ESPN—marking a monumental event in eSports history. Today, we’ll take a closer look at an eSports stock currently trending on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

ePlay Digital Inc (CSE:EPY)

ePlay Digital Inc is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, and through its subsidiaries develops and operates live and broadcast video technologies in Canada. The company’s main solutions integrate TV, VOD, sports, social media, and content marketing to create multiplatform destinations and campaigns for brands.

Yesterday, ePlay Digital announced that it had secured meetings with some of the largest social media and gaming enterprises in China. In addition to the meetings with the enterprises, they will also meet with Chinese hedge funds that specialize in sports and eSports investments.

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“ePlay is well prepared to promote Big Shot and our mobile-first esports gaming platform to the mobile gaming market leaders in China,” said Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital. “Our unfair technical and marketing advantages accelerate adoption and eliminate competition for the Big Shot esports series as we roll out regionally and internationally.”

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The Canadian-based eSports company will be in China on the week of November 19th and will be discussing its flagship mobile technology platform and game, Big Shot.

Philip Chen, ePlay Board Advisor, said:

“The exposure for Big Shot will be extensive as we have targeted large enterprises that all have connectivity into gaming and esports. The Chinese market is driven by a mobile-first philosophy and this dovetails with ePlay’s existing and emerging products.”

EPY Stock Movement

According to Yahoo Finance, the eSports stock is currently trading at $0.165 a share, up +$0.015 (+10.00%). 

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