3 Energy Stocks That Should Be On You Radar

energy stocks

The global energy markets are undergoing a significant transition as the switch from fossil fuels to cleaner alternative energy sources gets into high gear. Although the transition is likely to take a couple of decades before it fully materializes, investors have the unique chance of capitalizing on this inevitable trend by investing in some of the companies leading this shift. Currently, Orbital Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:OEG), Sunworks, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW) and Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADN) are prime energy stocks that appear well positioned in the space which is why they deserve to be on your radar.

Orbital Energy Group provides electric power and solar infrastructure. The stock has been generating plenty of investor interest over the past couple of months thanks to a number of factors. For instance, insiders have been increasing their position in the stock as seen from CEO’s Jim O’Neill purchase of 165,000 shares over the course of two days. The company also announced that it had acquired electric infrastructure firm Front Line Power for about $218 million which could translate to revenues in excess of $300 million for the current year.

Sunworks is on track to becoming one of the beneficiaries of President Biden’s infrastructure bill that will provide tax incentives for clean energy companies. The stock has reacted positively ever since the bill passed and several analysts have reaffirmed the company’s potential by going as far as referring to it as a revolution for the decarbonized world.   

Advent Technologies Holdings develops and manufactures critical components for use in fuel cells and hydrogen technology markets. The company ranks highly among clean energy stocks having had a stellar 2021 after joining the Rusell 3000 index and recently inked a $2.2 million deal for membrane electrode assemblies (“MEAs”) electrochemistry components. The components are essential for fuel cells, electrolyzers, and long-duration energy storage as they determine critical characteristics such as lifetime and efficiency.