Else Nutrition Receives Patent Extension on Formula for US Adult Market

Else Nutrition

Else Nutrition Holdings Inc. (TSXV:BABY) (OTCPK:BABYF) just announced some big news that will extend its reach into a critical market.

On January 22, the leading developer of plant-based alternatives to dairy-based baby nutrition announced that it has received a notice of allowance from the US Patent & Trademark Office for the extension of its existing patents to cover the adult market.

Specifically, the extension covers the use of the company’s proprietary 100% plant-based formula for adults who have malnutrition-related conditions, such as lean body mass and declining basal metabolic rates. The patented composition provides the necessary proteins, amino acids, and other nutrients needed in a single food serving.

CEO and co-founder of Else Nutrition, Hamutal Yitzhak, calls the notice a “milestone,” as it paves the way for the company to extend its products beyond the baby and toddler market segments.

She also notes the timeliness of the patent extension, as Else is set to launch its products in the US later this year.

“Our 100% plant-based formulation has functional and meaningful applications to a wide range of potential consumer markets. While we remain laser-focused on the launch of our baby products, our IP can also help serve the rapidly growing $5 billion U.S. plant-based food market giving those in need, nutritious clean label offerings,” Yitzhak added.

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Else Nutrition’s Market-Leading Offerings

Else’s 100% plant-based, non-soy alternative to dairy-based formula is the first of its kind on the market. Made from almonds and buckwheat, the formula is free of GMO, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, gluten, and phytoestrogens, and has no externally added macro-nutrients.

For toddlers (12-36 months), it meets the nutritional golden standard of breast milk and is the best solution for lactose intolerance and other sensitivities that keep babies from experiencing the benefit of existing products.

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“We’ve closely listened to parents and caregivers, and understand their deep-rooted need for nutritious and responsible, clean ingredient panel solutions for infants. We are committed to developing clean label baby and toddler nutrition, made with the cleanest process,” Yitzhak said about BABY’s patented formula.

As noted above, the formula also provides necessary proteins, amino acids, and other nutrients for adults who have malnutrition-related conditions. This allows the company to capitalize on its product offering in an entirely new way.

Else Nutrition Straddles Two Huge Markets

Between 2018 and 2024, the global organic baby food market is projected to grow from the $5.95 billion reached in 2018. Else is strategically positioned to take advantage of this market with its 100% plant-based formula.

After today’s news, BABY is also able to deliver its formula to the US plant-based food market. As of July 2019, that market was valued at $4.5 billion, and since then has continued to grow at an extremely quick rate.

BABY has been on an upward trajectory since early December, gaining 80% of its value in the seven weeks since then. Its 52-week high was $0.75, which it achieved shortly after going public.

As the company positions itself for product launches in Q2 2020, investors should take a close look at Else Nutrition. Its recent momentum shows that the market has a lot of faith in plant-based foods, and anyone wanting to profit from this booming space has a chance to get in early with BABY.

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