New Name, Same Projects: From Delrey Metals to Carlyle Commodities

Carlyle Commodities

Out with the old, in with the new. Or, in one Vancouver-based mining company’s case, keep the old and in with the new. On February 18, shares of Delrey Metals became Carlyle Commodities (CSE:CCC) (OTCPK:DLRYF).

A new name and stock ticker don’t mean the company is giving up on its projects, though. There are still several ongoing mining projects in Canada by the company, and perhaps the most notable is the Four Corners Project.

With its low exploration costs and exceptional infrastructure, it’s no surprise Four Corners has accumulated popularity. Still, it’s not the only project Carlyle Commodities, formerly known as Delrey Metals, has a hand in—there are four other important ones.

In this article, we’re going to explore all of Carlyle Commodities’ projects. This includes the Blackie vanadium property and the Star property.

Carlyle Commodities’ Projects: Blackie, Star, and Much More

Carlyle Commodities sources, finances, and develops different energy metals assets. Other than the Four Corners property, Carlyle Commodities lists the Blackie property, as well as Peneece, Porcher, and Star on its website.

On February 12, Carlyle Commodities announced its name change and its new stock ticker, “CCC.” The company also said it will “consolidate its issued and outstanding share capital on the basis of one postconsolidation common share for seven preconsolidation shares.”

Trading began on February 18.

1. Blackie

The first project, the Blackie vanadium property, is in the Skeena Mining Division, in west-central British Columbia. The property is on Banks Island, and employees can access it year-round by several modes of transportation out of Prince Rupert: ferry, floatplane, and helicopter.

Like the Four Corners project, the Blackie vanadium property allows for low-cost development and exploration. According to Carlyle Commodities, that is because historic barge-logging carried out within the project space has created a “network of logging roads directly northwest and west of the property.”

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The Blackie vanadium property hosts a sizeable gabbroic body. The company states that the Gabbro carries bands of vanadium-bearing massive titaniferous magnetite over a large area.

“The Gabbro carries disseminations and bands of vanadium-bearing massive titaniferous magnetite over a large area. Assays from gabbroic samples collected by McDougall (1984) ranged from 20 to 25% Fe, 1.1 to 1.9% Ti, and up to 0.33% V (0.59% V205), and concentrate results made from these samples returned 0.5% to 1% V (0.89% to 1.78% V205).”

2. Peneece

Then there’s the Peneece vanadium project. This property is in southwest BC, located at the head of Seymour Inlet. It is in the Vancouver mining division, and the Peneece property consists of five tenures that cover 1500.4 Ha. Similar to the Blackie vanadium property, Peneece is accessible year-round by helicopter, charter launch, or floatplane from Port Hardy.

Peneece is host to a pyritic gabbroic complex linked with a magnetic anomaly. According to Carlyle Commodities, this anomaly is believed to be caused by a large body of vanadium-bearing massive titaniferous magnetite.

3. Porcher

Another property located in the Skeena Mining Division is Porcher. Located on Porcher Island, the property is accessible year-round from Prince Rupert. Low-cost exploration and development have occurred at the property; this is because of ongoing active barge-logging that has “created a network of logging roads to the northwest and southeast.”

The Porcher property consists of seven tenures that cover 3122.16 Ha. Porcher is host to two north-south gabbroic dykes that host “iron-titanium-vanadium (Fe-Ti-V) mineralization within massive titaniferous magnetite.”

4. Star

The Star property consists of four tenures that cover 3646.8 Ha. It is, like the others on this list, located in west-central British Columbia. Active-barge logging is underway, which has resulted in logging roads, enabling low-cost development and exploration.

In 2019, Carlyle Commodities made various announcements regarding the Star property, all of which were positive. For example, the news that came on May 16, 2019, said positive phase II results came from the Blackie and Star properties.

 “A systematic approach to exploration at Blackie, Porcher and Star has allowed us to put the second piece of the puzzle into place on our BC assets,” explained Morgan Good, Carlyle Commodities President and CEO.

Continue Innovation

Earlier this month, Deloitte released the 12th issue of its annual mining report. The report explored new mining trends that could help when the industry faces matters that could transform it. The professional services company said one of the biggest trends is to prepare for the downfall ahead of time. That includes making more acquisitions, working on projects, and continuing innovation. With multiple ongoing projects, it seems Carlyle Commodities is already ticking some of those boxes.

Deloitte also says that mining companies should focus on the social investor moving forward. So perhaps we’ll see an announcement from Carlyle Commodities soon.

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