Cannabis Stocks to Watch: New Age Farm and Tidal Royalty Corp

Cannabis stocks

Cannabis stocks are up and down today on the market to close out the work week. Most cannabis penny stocks on the TSXV are seeing red, but a lot of the major cannabis companies trading on the TSX and NYSE are all seeing green. Today, we’ll take a look at two cannabis stocks that are trending on the CSE—New Age Farm Inc (CSE:NF) and Tidal Royalty Corp (CSE:RLTY.U).

Cannabis Stocks: New Age Farm

New Age Farm is headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The company is an agricultural service company that offers services and infrastructure for licensed growers in Washington State. New Age Farm targets luxury marijuana crops.

This morning, the cannabis stock announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Drink Fresh Water, LLC, has entered into an agreement with the world’s first cannabis museum. The museum will be located on the Las Vegas Strip.

“With the legalization of Cannabis in Nevada, USA, tourists from around the world are coming to see this museum,” said Josh Bartch, CEO of the Company. “We are thrilled that Drink Fresh Water has the exclusive right to sell our Fresh Water in the museum, which will help to increase the growth and brand awareness of Drink Fresh Water.”

According to Yahoo Finance, the cannabis stock is currently trading at $0.125 a share, up +$0.005 (+4.35%).

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Cannabis Stocks: Tidal Royalty Corp

Tidal Royalty Corp is based out of Toronto, Ontario, and operates as a private equity firm specializing in royalty finance. Currently, the company is focusing all of its efforts on investing in the US cannabis industry.

This morning, Tidal announced that it had signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding for a strategic royalty financing partnership. The cannabis stock will also be participating in the series B equity financing of FLRish, Inc. ‘Harborside.’ 

“Harborside is one of the preeminent cannabis companies in the U.S.,” stated Paul Rosen, Tidal Royalty’s CEO and Chairman. 

Tidal Royalty is trending on the CSE today, and that’s why it’s on our list of cannabis stocks to watch. According to Yahoo Finance, the RLTY.U is trading at $0.19 a share, up +$0.01 (+5.56%).

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